25 March, 2023

Modern treadmills: Easy to store and quick to set up


There are many good reasons to choose to train in your own four walls. In particular, running in parks, forests and in road traffic in the cold season carries dangers that do not only refer to poor visibility. Wet and slippery floors contribute to the rest and the weather also influences the cardiovascular system. best offroad hover board if you do not want to do without endurance training, you will find the right alternative in a sports treadmill. Equipped with folding mechanisms and transport handles, the fitness equipment is easy to handle and disappears into cabinets and niches in a space-saving manner. As soon as the next exercise session is due, modern treadmills can be set up again just as quickly; and that in every room. Compact dimensions favor small footprints and if the fitness equipment has transport rollers, it takes even less force to get it from A to B. The castors are especially practical if the training room is located a little further away from the storage location or the treadmill is stored below beds or a couch.

Treadmill HT500 – a smart running machine for motivating training successes

The treadmill HT500 combines the classic elements of running machines such as the control device at hip height with elegant design and modern high-tech components. An integrated vibration damping supports joint-gentle load control and the space-saving design underlines the user-friendliness of this running device. Only those who go on the treadmill HT500 can experience the power built into the slim housing. A low-noise 0.75 hp DC motor drives the treadmill and 12 predefined training programs dose the power into the path you want. This ensures an uncomplicated training start for beginners and advanced students look forward to a fixed training rhythm.

From a loose 1 km/h to a sprint of 14 km/h, the speed range covers everything it takes to develop resilient endurance and can be adjusted in 0.5 km/h increments. The necessary safety is ensured by a safety key with clamp, which switches off the engine immediately in case of doubt as an emergency stop. So you can concentrate worry-free on reaching your desired fitness level!

In terms of high-quality workmanship and appealing design, the HT500 treadmill is easy to control via a stylish and large display. You can keep an eye on the training duration, the current speed and the calories already converted at a glance and can control the heart rate recorded by the sensors in the handrail. In this way, your training can be controlled efficiently and you always remain in the optimal training area. Clear control panels with a modern design make your running program clear and lower the hurdles of starting training.

In addition to the many possibilities to improve your personal fitness level with the treadmill HT500, a tablet and smartphone holder ensures a smart training experience. Despite the space-saving geometry, the treadmill HT500 impresses with a pleasantly large tread of 120 x 42 cm. This speaks for the efficient processing and allows you an improved running feeling. The quality is also reflected in the maximum payload of 120 kg, which is easily possible on the HT500 treadmill.

Practical transport rollers make it easy to move the weight of the sports equipment of 34.7 kg. Since the control unit and the handrails are designed to fold, the treadmill HT500 can be easily folded to a vanishingly low height of 13 cm. Easily spaced, the treadmill HT500 is an ideal fitness machine for the home, which awakens and promotes the joy of running training with innovative and smart functions.

Treadmill HT1000 – professional treadmill classic with adjustable slope angle

A modern implementation of the classic exercise bike virtues is offered by the treadmill HT1000, which impresses with high-quality workmanship and a variety of individualization and adjustment options. types of stakeboards the running machine can be easily operated by means of a clear display, so that everyone can get the maximum out of the fitness program.

In order to make it easy for beginners to start training, the treadmill HT1000 is equipped with four directly selectable Quick Speed levels of 3, 6, 9 and 12 km/h. In this way, running muffles, as well as advanced runners, can easily find their way into their personal basic rhythm. In precise fine-tuning of 0.1 km/h steps, any speed level from 0.3 to 16 km/h can also be controlled. Especially this speed range, which is ensured by a powerful 1.75 hp DC motor, highlights the universal use that the treadmill HT1000 makes possible. From introductory and warming walking exercises to sprints, the full training width can be covered with just one device.

Another highlight: Thanks to an innovative Incline function, a slope angle of up to 6% can be locked, so that this exercise bike depicts a realistic training variety in your own four walls and a wide variety of muscle groups can be used. The success of the individual training is also supported by 12 predefined running programs. So you can easily develop your own training plan and have the right challenge ready quickly and user-friendly!

The safety technology of the treadmill HT1000 is at the highest level. The Home Track HT1000 electric treadmill is equipped with wide treads that not only give stability to the treadmill, but also ensure the ascent and descent onto the training device. A safety key with clamp ensures that the engine is switched off immediately if necessary. Also noteworthy is the extremely large running surface of 115 x 40 cm compared to other devices. This serves an improved running experience and protects against accidental missteps. So you always stay on the way to your training goals!


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