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Something that would make our lives more meaningful and that which should be encouraged for everyone is travel. Why people love Travel does not only have many benefits but will enrich our lives and give us unique experiences to learn from and remember for a long time. Travelers visit different places that they have never seen before and spend a certain time in that place, this allows them to meet people of different cultures, learn about the place and even the history and traditions and often end up discovering a lot about themselves.

Furthermore, in this modern era, people have become extremely busy and have tough schedules, hence, travel would also give them a chance to relax, unwind and reenergize themselves. Combined with this, is the array of experiences one may get with meeting new people and discovering new things and places as they travel.  

Below are some of the top reasons why people travel and all the benefits that are associated with it.  

A Great Source of Knowledge and Learning New Things 

People who love travel know well that traveling is a great source of knowledge and learning and a way to gain experience as well, by discovering new and unknown places, meeting the people over there, learning about their culture, tradition, history, language, and way of life. What we see on the television or the information that we have about different places or nations, is very different compared to the experience that we get when we see it in real life. Hence, with this belief and the desire to discover the world and all it has to offer, many people set out on their unique journey, making it the top reason why people travel.  

A Chance to Test Yourself and Your Limits 

Many people are stuck in the same schedules, following the same routine every single day, and do not get the chance to do anything new. Traveling to different places gives them the chance to face new challenges, discover more about themselves and realize their potential. In a new place and a different environment, with unfamiliar faces around, people often have to do many things differently compared to what they are used to; they have to be patient and learn to move with the flow. This also helps them develop many new skills and abilities, broaden their perspectives and adopt ways and habits that will become a part of their life and bring a change in them. 

Building Strong Relationships 

A relationship should be based on love and understanding. However, nowadays people do not have time for these extremely important aspects of a relationship, which is also why so many people part ways. If people can take out some time once or twice a year from their busy lives and why people love travel, this would give them the chance to spend time with their family, friends and loved ones. Not only this but it would help make the relationship and the bond even stronger.  

Even though there are many achievements in a person’s life, it has been shown by research that 80% of our happiness is due to the relationships that we have in our lives.  

For a Memorable Wedding 

Marriage holds immense importance and meaning in our lives and people want to ensure that their wedding day is the most special and memorable. Hence, they often want to celebrate their wedding day in a beautiful place, somewhere they would remember for the rest of their lives, making it one of the main reasons why people travel.  

For a Change of Environment and Place 

A major reason why people travel is that many times, they suffer from depression, traumas, and anxiety disorders and are recommended by their doctors to change their place and the environment they live in and travel. This would help them in moving on from their memories and will also have a good effect on their health overall.

To Create Gratitude in Young Adults 

Some people who want their children to be better humans, often choose to travel with their kids to poorer countries or places where people do not have access to food, clean drinking water, electricity, proper education, and more. Children can learn a lot after traveling to such places and compare their lives with those people and become more considerate and also thankful for their blessings.  

To Relax and Unwind 

After a busy year, many people want to relax and destress and this is a strong reason why people travel. This is also why places like Maldives, Seychelles, Santorini, and Bali are so popular with tourists. 

To Meet Relatives and Friends 

For many decades, people have migrated to different countries for a better quality of life but they still have their families and friends back in their home countries. One of the main reasons why people travel is to meet their loved ones and often even celebrate special occasions, events, and holidays with them.  

For an Adventure 

While many people travel for relaxation, some people also want to travel for an adventure. These people want to explore the world while embarking on a new adventure every day. They want to challenge themselves, try extreme sports, go hiking, camp in the mountains, dive in the deep sea, go surfing, skydiving, ziplining, or even bungee jumping and try everything that would give them that adrenaline rush. Places like Brazil, America, Peru, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, and Chile are popular for this.  


People need change and a break from their everyday routines and difficult schedules, they want to relax and loosen up and there is no better way to do this than to travel. While this is not the only reason why people travel, it is also because it is an important source of learning and a way to even discover yourself. Amongst the other reasons why people love travel also include wanting to spend time with their loved ones and meeting families who live far away, for a change of environment, seeking new adventure and more.

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