25 March, 2023

New technology 2021: How advanced technology we can expect?

New technology 2021

With the passage of time, technology is getting more and more advanced. We see different inventions in the technological world as years are passing. Now next year is almost here and techno freaks possibly are thinking that will there be some new technology 2021 will give us or no, or how advanced tech will be in the coming year. So, for those who really want to know that what 2021 can have in store with regard to technology, this piece of writing is for all of you. 

New technology 2021

technology 2021

What new tech 2021 will offer is for sure an interesting question but till 2021 isn’t here we cannot say specifically anything about it. However, there are surely some predictions about technology that will perhaps be dominant or become more advanced in the world in the coming year which we will discuss later. 

Shortly, highlighting new technology trends of 2021, we will possibly see the dominance of Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Quantum Computing, 5G, and Blockchain, etc., in the next year. 

What we can expect in the next 10 years? 

While talking about dominant tech of 2021 and how advanced technology we can expect in the coming year, it is perhaps important to discuss that what we can anticipate in the tech world in the next 10 years as it’s relevant to our topic. 

So, we can expect in the next decade that some technologies may become dominant and some may get extinct. This will also help us to know that how will technology change in 10 years.

Dominant tech in the next decade

As per the World Economic Forum’s survey in which experts and executives participated, there are seven technologies that we will see by 2030. Firstly, they talked about robots that are already being used in some places but in the coming ten years, there use will be increased. 

Other technologies, the survey highlighted are sensors, 3D printing in medical sector, internet (79 percent of people who were surveyed think that the internet will become a fundamental right by 2024), implantable phones, ride-sharing, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Extinct technologies in the coming 10 years

technology in 2021

However, the technologies that will perhaps become extinct in the coming ten years are smartphones, glasses and lenses, USBs, digital cameras, mobile chargers that require plugging in cable in the phone, remote controls, credit cards, gaming consoles, and lastly, cars may be totally different from now as electric cars will possibly be dominant plus cars may be driverless or we can also call them autonomous vehicles. 

Hence, we can expect both the rise and downfall of some technologies in the next ten years; thus, it also helped us to understand how will technology change in 10 years.

Futurist predictions on technology

There are perhaps many future predictions regarding technology by the futurists that can also tell us that will there be any new technology in 2021 and the time after it will offer us or not. However, right now, we will talk about the future predictions on tech by a futurist and business advisor, Bernard Marr. He talked about some 5 greatest tech trends of 2021. 

1st trend: Firstly, he talked about Artificial Intelligence and big data that how by the help of artificial intelligence, companies can get to know about latest data and act accordingly.

2nd trend: Secondly, he talked about robotics, vehicle automation and drones that these things will be dominant in 2021 plus many companies are already using these technologies like Ford has developed a robotic postman. 

3rd trend: Among future predictions on tech by Bernard, third one is dominance of as a service or the cloud computing revolution like people are now buying things differently because of cloud infrastructure. 

Moreover, robots and automation vehicles are now available as a service as well. Just like cloud computing, one can also rent a robot as a service like one can go to companies like Microsoft or Google and rent a robot; same is the case with artificial intelligence. 

4th trend: The 2021’s fourth biggest tech trend Bernard talked about is faster networks and 5G as the need of faster networks has increased a lot and will continue to be same or may be higher in the next year. 

5th trend: The futurist regarded extended reality as the fifth biggest technology trend of 2021 that how virtual and augmented reality are used to alter our behaviours like it can be done in virtual reality that the meetings we attend in 2D at Teams these days can be transformed in future into we wearing headsets during meetings and getting engrossed in them in a way that we feel that we are actually in the meeting rooms with the other people.

All these futurist predictions on technology blow one’s mind for sure that how advanced tech can become in the coming days. 

Technology and healthcare 

There is great importance of technology in healthcare as there are many benefits of technology in healthcare. However, right now, we will talk about what will be the impact of technology in healthcare in 2021 and years following it. 

Firstly, because of pandemic digital health has become quite common and in 2021, it is also possible that we will see technology impacting the healthcare in a way that telehealth will be dominant. 

Furthermore, voice recognition software will influence the healthcare sector in 2021 as well by making work feasible for doctors. Also, 3D printing is transforming the medical sector and this tech can be utilized for an organ transplant by 2024. 

Moreover, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and genomics will affect healthcare in the coming year. Thus, in 2021 and years after it, it’s expected that that there will be great impact of technology in healthcare

Transformation in life

Transformation in life

There is huge impact of technology in our daily life in different ways and thus, it’s one of the things that can transform our life. Tech has already changed our lives to a great extent by many things like giving easy access to information and connecting physically far people with each other just through few clicks. 

Furthermore, in the coming times, we can expect that tech will become more advanced and produce major changes in our lives. For instance, we may see robots in our workplaces in future for doing the hard tasks and making things easier for us.

Space tourism is another thing of tech world that can change our lives by making us travel to space as companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic want to practically do that.

Driverless and electric vehicles on the other hand may also transform our lives in 2021 as these automobiles can decrease pollution and make our environment healthy plus these cars can reduce the need of driving schools. 

Also, many other technologies about which we talked earlier like artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, 5G, internet of things and 3D printing etc., can produce transformation in our life in the future. 

Hence, technology has become very important aspect of our lives and it’s hard to imagine life without it. Thus, the significance of tech may be the reason behind curiosity of people about what new technology 2021 will offer and how advanced technology can be expected in the coming time. 

However, in this piece, we tried to cover various things about technology by relating it with next year and the years following it so that info about tech with regard to the future can be given to people as it has many benefits. 

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