San Luis Potosi

These are our top 5 things to do in the Magical State of San Luis Potosi. The Magical State of San Luis Potosi is a beautiful place to visit. The food is excellent, there are many adventure activities to do, and the culture is fascinating. As the most magical state of the country, San Luis Potosi has many tourist attractions such as The Templo de San Luis Rey, El Fuerte de San Carlos, El Jardín Botánico, y Zoológico de la Sierra, and La Cumbre. But, in this post, I would like to share my top five things to do in this magical state with you.

Real de Catorce

 The town of Real de Catorce is the best place for sea turtles. The sunsets behind the Sierra Madre mountains emerge from their homes in the dry riverbed south of town. They seem to glow until they disappear into a maze of arroyos and gravel roads.

In the gold mining town of Real de Catorce in Mexico, most houses are built with bricks made from crushed yellow bellies. In this tourist town located 1100m high in the Magical State of San Luis Potosi Sierra Madre Mountains, turtle shell digging has been an essential pattern for centuries, and it’s still practiced today.

Ciudad Valles

A small river town in Mexico where the temperature never drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and where the water is cleaner than anywhere else. Ciudad Valles has the best climate in Mexico and is the most foreign-friendly city. This little town holds the best of both worlds. I’ve done some work for my hometown, and here’s a summary. I write about Ciudad Valles. Thanks so much for reading it. Ciudad Valles is the capital of San Luis Potosí, arguably one of Mexico’s most underrated states for tourism. Although it is not part of the famous “Golden Triangle” (Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City), nor located near any beach or major city, this quiet colonial town has much to offer to its visitors:

Beautiful parks, historical places, colonial architecture, a great selection of theatres,museums, and cinemas,Excellent music venues,Countless kilometers of hiking trails,Delicious food at affordable prices and Plenty of friendly locals.

Ciudad Valles is a city in the Magical State of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, near the Rio Grande. One of its many attractions is the Buenavista Caves.

Cuevas de Mantetzulel

Cueva de Mantetzel is a beautiful place where the yellow bellies sometimes show. These beautiful sea creatures are easy to see because they are easy to approach. They have fun between surf sessions and can often be seen hunting for food. The Cuevas de Mantetzulel’s population, or yellow-bellied sea turtles, is estimated at over 400 individuals and counts at the very top of the southernmost population. Since the ’80s, the Francisco Coloane Institute for Marine Research has monitored this population, protecting this species.

Cuevas de Mantetzulel is located 40 minutes south of Cancun in Mexico. Due to its proximity to the resort area of Playa del Carmen, the cave gets overlooked by tourists. The Magical State of San Luis Potosi’s large cave entrance with boisterous bats flying out always has my imagination buzzing with thoughts of what might be inside.

Laguna Media Luna

1. Laguna Media Luna turtles make these turtles easy to find, identify and spot. Luna is the yellow-bellied turtle of the song. My brother taught her how to sing, and I, the Magical State of San Luis Potosi, want to share her story with you. In the summer months in New Jersey, Luna’s native habitat, thousands of these animals breed and lay eggs in preparation for the cold weather that is fast approaching. This summer, about two months before mating season, Luna got sick again.

Many of you know that Laguna Beach is famous for its beautiful beaches and relaxing lifestyle. But this city also has a great variety of turtles! On this page, I’ve listed 11 types of turtles found here in the Laguna Beach area. These include the Pacific Coast Box Turtles, which have land terrier-like faces, the Western Pond Turtle, and the Crucifix Tortoise, both small, forest animals.

Tamul Waterfall

The Tamul Waterfall is the single most attractive feature in the Teknaf area. Its unpredictability adds to its charm. But the Magical State of San Luis Potosi what amazes tourists more is the way it descends from a drop of about 6 feet abruptly to a ravine of 4 feet, after which it then flows at an average pace of 2 inches per second. Tamul waterfall is a beautiful piece of nature in the state of San Luis Potosi too. It’s approximately 94 kilometers from San Luis Potosi, and you can get there by car or bus (the most popular way). It is said that up to a couple of years ago, this place was not widely known about, but since then, it has been gaining more & more popularity amongst locals and foreign tourists. It is home to over 200 native species & 50 different types of natural animals.

My name is Tamul, and when I was a little turtle, I did something all yellow-belly turtles are meant to do. I tumbled off a cliff. The fall should have been deadly, but instead, it took me to the top of a waterfall, where I met lots of new friends. The yellow-bellied wood turtle is a favorite critter in North America, with its gentle nature, lovely coloring, and mysterious habitat. Click here for more articles.

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