25 March, 2023

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Picuki Quick Instagram Viewer and Editor


Picuki is a simple Instagram editor and viewer, which makes it easy to discover what others on Instagram are doing right now or use it to share links to content in your feed directly from Picuki.com – no third-party website required!

In addition to browsing Instagram profiles, stories, followers & posts – Picuki also allows you to:

See which friends are following them (and vice versa)

Check whether people have liked one of their photos

Add topics & hashtags to their profile

Check whether someone has liked one of their photos

Picuki – Clean and simple Instagram viewer

Picuki is a clean and simple Instagram viewer for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can use it to follow your friends and see what they are doing on Instagram. It works offline too so you can follow all your favourite Instagram photos even when you are on a plane or hiking in the mountains.

What is about Picuki.?

Picuki is a website that allows you to view Instagram without logging in and saving your ideas. Picuki will show you anyone’s profile who isn’t set to private, and you can also view their stories and save them. Picuki also allows you to view full captions under each post, without having to tap down. Finally, Picuki has a built-in photo editor, which lets you add filters and zoom on users’ photos for download.

Is Picuki an anonymous service?

Picuki, according to their website, is completely anonymous. This means that the Instagram handle of any user will not show up in any stories you view or download. Also, the user will not be notified if you download a photo they’ve posted. Finally, any people you search for by name or handle will not be notified.

How can I get Picuki?

Picuki is available in two different ways: by visiting the website on your computer, or by downloading the app.The app is only available in the Google Play store at this time.

What is Picuki’s relationship with Instagram?

Picuki is an online tool that allows users to view the content available on Instagram through an official API called the “Instagram Basic Display API”. The app gives users access to basic profile information, photos, and videos in their IG accounts. As such, it is a search engine for the content hosted on Instagram.

How to Use Picuki for Instagram Browsing?

Picuki is a simple and straightforward tool for viewing, editing, and uploading Instagram photos. You can access the Instagram viewer and editor in a browser or use its Android app. Picuki doesn’t have an iOS app yet. We recommend using it in Chrome to get the best seamless experience. You can launch Chrome and visit the official Picuki website. The homepage will explain that you’re using an Instagram viewer and editor.”

The major 2 method used to Picuki

  • Searching through Account
  • Searching through Hashtag

Click here to enter Picuki, an online tool that lets you download IG photos.

Download IG pictures from Picuki (editable)

You will view the homepage of the Picuki website after entering. Simply input the other party’s Instagram account on the Picuki website to begin using the service.

The IGs associated with the IG account you provided will then be listed by Picuki, and typically you can discover the one you’re looking for with ease. Once you locate the desired IG account, click to proceed. I’ll use the renowned football player Cristiano Ronaldo as an illustration.

When you click to access the IG account, you will discover that Picuki has displayed all the photos and images from the account’s IG posts as well as a select few of those posts for you.

Then you can begin to browse all of the Instagram account’s posts! Click to enter once you’ve located the post from which you wish to download the image.

If you want to save the post photo after entering it, simply click “Download” to do so. Because the IG picture photo is full size on the Picuki website, there won’t be any issues with the thumbnail getting smaller.

Searching through Hashtag

The procedures below can be used to see Instagram photographs using hashtag search.

Use Picuki as usual, then hit the search bar.

Tap the “search icon” after entering the hashtag you wish to look up.

Click “Tags” in the search results section.

Tap the hashtag you want to view from the list of candidate hashtags that is presented.

You can scroll the screen to see the submitted photographs in addition to the hashtag search results. You can now view the hashtag-related pictures.


If you are seeking a way to search for Instagram results, Picuki is a great way to do so. A user can easily view the most popular locations, hashtags, and users on the app, as well as save posts and stories that they find interesting. Picuki also allows a user to view someone’s profile without them knowing unless they set it to private, which can come in handy if you’re looking for information on your competitors. Each post shows a full caption below it as well, allowing you to see the photographer’s backstory without having to tap down.


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