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Rachel Luba was born on July 27, 1992 in Monterey, California. She is an American sports agent. Rachel is the founder and owner of Luba Sports, a sports marketing agency located in Maple Valley, Washington. She is the youngest Baseball Certified Female Marketing Agent. Today she is a remarkable character who has made limelight headlines for being a baseball player-expert as well as starting her career as an aerobatic mentor in 2007. Along with this, she also worked for Rising Star Gymnastics from October 2011 to June 2012 where she was responsible for leading campaigns related to their sponsorships and publicity efforts.

Member of the UCLA gymnastics team

Bauer is a member of the UCLA gymnastics team and lives on the same floor as freshmen baseball players. She speaks with fans via Twitter and, in an industry where most stars shy away from the public eye, she sits down and evaluates fan tweets. This agent complements her relationships with teams behind the scenes with very public relationships with fanbases that one won’t find anywhere else in the industry. She thinks Trevor does things differently. He changes the game, and Bauer kind of tries to do the same thing in the world of agents. She really believes in transparency and value for customers; she’s only seen it in recent months or so, but she sees it every year now.

Rachel Luba Career

She was interested in sports from her school days, and during her senior year of high school, she started working for the Beverly Hills Sports Council as an intern. In 2017, she was hired by the Major League Baseball Players Association as an attorney for the association’s legal division. She has worked on more than 22 arbitration cases and helped pull off record hearings for 12 MLB players in 2017. In October 2019, she founded Luba Sports with the goal of helping athletes in all professional leagues with their careers through sports marketing and management. During an interview, she told how she started working 10 to 14-hour days as a single employee of the company, in an attempt to pay off student loans from law school. Pitcher Trevor Bauer signed with her company after its opening; he became its first client.

Luba represented the Cincinnati Reds in the signing of Trevor Bauer. In 2020, the pitcher won the NL Cy Young award and became the first woman in MLB history to represent a Cy Young winner. During the offseason in 2020-2021, Luba helped negotiate a great deal for Trevor Bauer with the Dodgers. After which she earned $40 million in 2021 and $45 million in 2022, making her the highest-paid female player in Major League Baseball history because of the deal. It was only 1 year since Luba opened his company, and in that time he had already broken records with his first client earning $40 million a season from baseball and professional softball player Paige Halstead representing baseball as well as former UCLA softball catcher.

In November 2020, All-Star right fielder Yasiel Puig signed with Luba’s sports agency. Forbes featured in the 30 under 30 under the sports category in 2021. She co-hosts Cork’d Up, a podcast with Jessica Kleinschmidt, where she runs her own YouTube channel, in which she talks about the arbitration process and other jobs of an agent.

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Rachel Luba net worth

$5 Million – $ 10 million

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Rachel Luba

Rachel Luba husband

Rachel Luba is single. Rumour has it that he is dating his co-agent and longtime friend, Trevor Bauer.

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5 feet 2 inches

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Rachel Luba is single. no boyfriend

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