25 March, 2023

Teeth whitening: Everything you need to know in 2022

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a dental service that has been gaining popularity in recent years and makes it possible to take care of the beauty of the smile by restoring its shine and natural tint. Discover this process, how it unfolds, and tips to ensure its success and sustainability.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a painless process that can add several shades to a worn, stained, or dull smile.

This service is intended in particular for patients whose teeth, naturally worn or poorly maintained daily, are colored, dark or yellowed. In general, it concerns all who show natural wear or wear due to poor daily maintenance, as well as those who wish to obtain a perfect aesthetic result, totally invisible.

How is teeth whitening performed?

In the dental office, the professional applies a whitening agent, often hydrogen peroxide (also called “hydrogen peroxide”) in gutters made to measure the patient’s teeth. This teeth whitening product is applied for a few minutes on the teeth to destroy the dark molecules of the teeth and whiten them overall.

During a session lasting a few minutes in the office, the dentist applies a 6% concentrated product. Then, the patient will apply a less concentrated product himself for 10 to 15 days. The patient will sleep with the gutters. The recurrence of the application of the bleaching agent makes it possible to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment and to often gain several shades.

It requires several lightening processes:

  • Lightening in the chair: the dental surgeon Ensmile protects your gums and coats the teeth to be lightened with a paste (based on hydrogen peroxide according to a well-defined percentage, or carbamide peroxide). It can use a lamp to improve efficiency.
    The practitioner lets the product act and then renews the operation.
  • Whitening at home: or on an outpatient basis, the Ensmile dental surgeon makes a mold of your teeth and manufactures a plastic tray that adapts to your teeth. You leave home with several syringes of products to apply in the gutter. You wear the tray every day (or night most often) for a certain time and for several days. The result obtained is almost similar to the result obtained in the chair with the first technique.
  • Finally, systems exist, at a lower cost in order to gain a few shades: these are gutters soaked in lightening product ready to use. There are also pens, and brushes for distributing lightning products on the teeth but in low doses (especially to be used for specific needs: weddings, outings, etc.).

Do not hesitate to ask the staff of the Ensmile centers or your Ensmile dental surgeon for advice.

How much does teeth whitening Price in Pakistan?

In the trade, various solutions to be applied at home are proposed. However, they are strongly discouraged because their effectiveness is not proven. In the dental office, the whitening product is indeed much more concentrated and therefore requires the attention of a professional.

Teeth whitening Price in Pakistan Depending on the expected shade, the price of professional teeth whitening may vary. However, in all cases, an estimate is always presented to the patient beforehand.

Some tips for optimal teeth whitening

  • Before whitening your teeth, have your smile examined as well as a scaling, which will accentuate the effect of the service.
  • The dentist must also carry out an analysis of the current coloring of the teeth so that the patient can choose the desired shade according to the possible result.
  • After teeth whitening, it is essential to maintain impeccable oral hygiene to make the effects last. Avoid tobacco and coloring drinks, such as coffee or tea, and brush your teeth regularly and effectively with suitable toothpaste.

Other Regulatory Information.

The teeth whitening technique of our practice takes place on an outpatient basis, from the first appointment, and is completely painless.

With particular care given to oral hygiene, the treatment usually lasts several years and makes it easy to keep a bright smile every day.


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