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The 4 Best Go-Karts [Guide]

Go-karts for different age groups. Here brushless vs brushed motor we offer you an overview of the current go-kart models and go into detail about the special features. Of course also with the best offers of the well-known manufacturers such as Berg, Hauck or Ferbedo. Even if you see a go-kart as an adult, you want to get in and drive Laos. Go-karts are available for different age groups, sometimes even with engines. As a result, children from 3 – 12 years can easily be inspired by a go-kart. A go-kart is an ideal outdoor toy. It provides movement and gives a certain driving feeling, which can never hurt.

Checklist Go-Karts

Quality and workmanship really pay attention to a reasonable quality of the go-karts, the frames and especially the brakes must be well made and thus ensure a certain safety Adjustability, your child washes and it is best if the go-kart can also grow within a certain framework. There are go-karts with adjustable seats, ideal if the go-kart should grow with you Equipment, gear shift, or disc brakes are 2 important points here, so your kids can also explore rough terrain or be a bit faster on the road. 4 go-karts we can recommend These go-karts are selected by our editors and offer a good price/performance ratio, with high quality and workmanship. Hint: The mountain go-kart Buddy B-Orange is currently (March 2021) at much cheaper than at Amazon

Go-Kart Manufacturer

The top brands include Berg and Hauck, especially the go-karts from Berg are very popular, but the BERG Buddy is one of the bestsellers. Other manufacturers are brands such as Dino Cars or Actions Bikes, which we already know from the e-quads.

How much does a go-kart cost?

As so often. Depends on the price of many factors. First and foremost, the size of the go-kart and the possible equipment, such as a gear shift. But also potential accessories, such as a trailer or pillion seat can influence the price of a go-kart. Simple “small” models start at about 100 €, medium-priced, but also very high-quality models, for example from BERG or Dino Cars, quickly reach 300-500 €. With gear shift or additional equipment, a go-kart can also quickly cost 800€ or more.

Hauck Toys for Kids GoKart Speedster – Pedal Go-Cart with handbrake and adjustable seat for children from 4 years – Green

  • Fun to pedal for children from 4-8 years: The Go Kart is suitable for kids with a height of 90-110 cm and grows comfortably thanks to the adjustable bucket seat. To this end, it promotes movement and thus trains a sense of coordination and balance.
  • Driving comfort on any surface: The pedal car has large EVA wheels (diameter 25.5 cm) and can get over any obstacle.
  • Safe braking: The pedal children’s car is equipped with a handbrake. It is easy to use and brakes both rear wheels superbly.
  • Stable and resilient: The tubular steel frame is extremely robust. The children’s vehicle can withstand a load of up to 50 kg. Perfect for wild tours.
  • Cool design: The large front cover with a stylish pattern makes the GoCart particularly sleek. The striking green is well received by boys and girls.

Action Bikes Motors Miweba Gokart Abarth Licensed Kids Pedal Car Pedal Car Children’s Vehicle Cart Eva Tires in Many Colors (Black)

  • ✔ Original Actionbikes Motors ✔ Pedal Drive Over Chain ✔ Go Kart Design ✔ Bucket Seat Adjustable
  • ✔ Safety ► Handbrake for rear wheels ► Closed box over chains ► Sturdy metal frame
  • ✔ Motor skills ► Promotion of coordination ► Improvement of the sense of balance ✔ Payload up to 30 Kg
  • ✔ Forward & Reverse Gear ✔ Freewheel ✔ Product Weight 12.8 Kg ✔ Low Noise EVA Solid Rubber Tire
  • ✔ Flexible use ✔ Play & driving fun ► Terrain ► Race ► Slalom ► Curves ✔ Abarth Logo

Hauck Gokart Speedster for children 4-8 years, up to 50 kg, handbrake, 3-way adjustable seat, green

  • LIKE LIGHTNING: The Speedster pedal vehicle is a classic. With a low weight of 11.45 kg and sporty design, it is particularly suitable for go-kart beginners
  • SAFELY TO THE FINISH: The wheels of the pedal car allow optimum grip. The closed chain box and the handbrake acting on both rear wheels make it a safe children’s vehicle
  • STRENGTH & SKILL TRAINING: Go-karts not only provide outdoor fun and games but also promote muscle strength and coordination
  • DURABLE DESIGN: The robust tubular steel frame, as well as the 3-way adjustable bucket seat, make the pedal car a long-standing and growing companion
  • DRIVING FUN FOR YOUNG AND OLD: The Pedal Car is suitable for children from 4-8 years. It can be loaded up to a weight of 50kg and thus brings even taller racers safely to the finish line
BERG Gokart Buddy Cross | Children’s vehicle, pedal vehicle with high safety standard, pneumatic tires and freewheel, children’s toys suitable for children aged 3-8 years With the BERG Buddy you will experience the most beautiful adventures. best rc cars this cool pedal go-kart is solid and safe. Even in the sharpest corners, it remains stable on the ground. Discover the world with this cool pedal go-kart! You don’t have to worry during your adventures, because the BERG Buddy meets all safety requirements. Thanks to the BFRSystem, you can whizz around effortlessly. The BERG Buddy grows with you, so you will enjoy it for years. The BERG Buddy guarantees years of playing pleasure. This pedal go-kart has a robust metal frame that can handle a lot. In addition, the seat is adjustable, which means that you always have the ideal sitting position on your BERG Buddy. The BERG Buddy is equipped with a unique patented BFR system. BFR is the abbreviation of Brake, Forward, Reverse. The BFR system makes it possible to brake with the pedals and reverse immediately after stopping. As a result, the BERG Buddy is extremely simple and easy to drive! Thanks to the four wheels, the BERG Buddy offers excellent stability unblocked games 911. So you can drive quickly and safely through tight corners. The BERG Buddy is equipped with a pendulum axle. Thanks to this axle, the front wheels can swing slightly up and down to compensate for unevenness in the ground. This keeps the BERG Buddy stable on the ground. After all, safety comes first! The BERG Buddy is equipped with pneumatic tires. These tires have lower rolling resistance and make pedaling easier. This allows you to drive particularly effortlessly and quickly. Thanks to the pneumatic tires, the BERG Buddy is particularly comfortable to drive.


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