Travelers Table

The Travelers Table is a restaurant in a small town. It’s known for great food and kind service, but it’s also recognized for its ability to bring travelers together. The front room has tables that seat up to six people while the back room seats up to 12. There are always new faces around every Table, making this restaurant ideal for locals and travelers alike.

Why We Like It

It’s easy to see why we like this hostel. It has everything you need when traveling on a budget and the staff are super friendly.

Need to Know

So, you want to learn about traveling but are unsure where or how? This is an incomplete list of the necessary information that will prepare any traveler.

About Traveler’s Table

Traveler’s Table is a modern spot in town for locals and travelers alike. It has an international menu with dishes from all over the world, making it one of those unique dining experiences that you won’t forget anytime soon. Warm and inviting, a traveler’s Table provides a cozy space of comfort for all. The staff is always happy to welcome you in.

Traveler’s Table is an authentic local restaurant located in the heart of downtown San Diego. They are known for their delectable food and compassionate staff who will make your dining experience one you’ll never forget.

Traveler’s Table Houston

The traveler’s Table is a new, family-owned restaurant that just opened up in the Galleria area. The owners have taken on an innovative menu full of local favorites! A few examples are movie pies with pulled chicken or fish options; spicy turkey sandwiches served on Texas toast for those who want more heat than usual; bacon cauliflower puree–you’ve never tried anything like it before (trust us). Order one today and see what all the fuss about this hidden gem has been about.

travelers table brunch menu

Our menu is designed to be both affordable and filling. We offer a variety of dishes, all at an excellent value! The food tastes great while still nutritious; most places don’t do well with their brunch offerings (we’re looking at you, Taco Bell). Our chefs work hard each day so that when you come in for dinner or lunch – no matter what time it may be- your satisfied stomach will thank us later down the road.

It started as just another Local Brunch spot, but we wanted more than just good tasting menus – which brings me nicely onto this next point travelers table strives for.

Traveler’s Table valentines Day

At the travelers table, we’re all about variety and love. Why not send your special someone to us on Valentine’s Day so that they can enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience with some of their favorite people in town. You can’t go wrong with a romantic dinner for two.

Revel in the cozy vibe at  travelers table on Valentine’s Day! Book your reservation now and enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Traveler’s Table Steak night

The Traveler’s Table has a special night for steak lovers.

The menu at the iconic restaurant features some of America’s best cuts, including New York Strip Loin and 32oz Prime Ribeye that are sure to please any palate with their rich flavors engrained in every bite.

Upcoming Events at Traveler’s Table

Christmas Eve Dinner

The Christmas Eve dinner is one of the most memorable parts of winter. The smells from roasting turkey fill your home with warmth and décor, while Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” plays on an endless loop throughout all hours until bedtime.

Sink your teeth into a juicy turkey dinner on Christmas Eve.

Mince pie afterward, or perhaps some German chocolate cake if that’s more up your alley.

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Eve Dinner

The excitement of New Year’s Eve is in the air. The countdown has begun, and we’re all eagerly awaiting that iconic ball to drop at midnight, signifying a new beginning for some while also celebrating with friends and family around this joyous occasion!

This year I wanted my final frontier celebration dinner menu to offer something different than other years; thus far, my choices were limited only by your imagination – what would you like? A three-course feast matched perfectly with wine or champagne pairings (or both!) served travelers table side via waiters who will be dressed up as pirates taking orders.

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