25 March, 2023

14 The Best Tulum Beach Resorts

tulum beach

Tulum Beach Resorts are often wonderful choices for your perfect vacation in Mexico. The Tulum Hotel is one of the most desirable resorts in Tulum; it is easy to access from the main road, it is only a 5-minute walk to the beach, it’s quiet and peaceful. Tulum Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mexican Caribbean. The white sand and turquoise water will make you feel like you’ve entered a paradise.

 The Beach Tulum Hotel 


Tulum has beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and plenty of activities. The town is quiet and romantic, unlike Cancun. Although there are many resorts to choose from, we have looked at some of the top Tulum beach resorts based on their location, amenities, and cost. The best Tulum Beach resorts are magical places. We can’t be sure when the first people settled on this part of the Yucatan Peninsula, but at some point, they did. It probably wasn’t long before they discovered the beauty of the beach and the temperate weather and decided it was a great place to live. And so it still is.

The Best beach clubs

Tulum is the spiritual home of the cenotes. It’s also famous for its gorgeous beaches. Here we bring you a list of some of the best beach clubs in Tulum, including some beach club resorts, one at Puerto Aventuras and one at Akumal, as well as a variety of other options. After this incredible vacation in Tulum, it isn’t easy to thank you for all the beautiful places we visited here in Mexico. Still, one of the best characteristics is this beach club located directly on the Caribbean Sea. Perfect place for spending all day at the pool and then taking a rest with cocktails after amazing sunsets.

Mi Amor Colibri Boutique Hotel


The best Tulum beach resorts, so far, are Mi Amor Colibri Boutique Hotel, Villa Margarita and El Secreto Eco Resort & Spa by Karisma.

Tulum is a small town near Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean coast of Yucatan, Mexico. The population of Tulum Beach Resorts was 5,000 in 2010, but it swells to 15,000 or more on days when cruise lines stop here. Most people visit Tulum to enjoy the beach close to town and an Expedia.com top 14 Mexican hotel.

Mi Amor is a boutique hotel on the beach in Tulum. It’s one of the best hotels in the area because of its excellent guest rooms, great service, and location. Guests love their stay for many reasons; maybe it’s the tranquility or the gourmet breakfast.

Mezzanine Colibri Boutique Hotel

Mezzanine Colibri Boutique Hotel is a harmonious blend of Mexican authenticity and contemporary luxury. Located in the charming seaside town of Tulum, this 5-star boutique hotel offers views over the turquoise Caribbean waters and fine white sand beaches. Mezzanine Colibri Boutique Hotel is a favorite among top clients and elite singles, couples, and small families looking to soak up the sun while enjoying world-class service.

The mezzanine Colibri boutique hotel, Tulum, is as good a place as any to start when planning a getaway. The hotel’s design is spectacular, with some of its rooms having private pools. The restaurant at the hotel is rated among the best in the region, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

La Zebra Colibri Boutique Hotel


Tulum is a Mexican town that’s particularly famous for its beaches. Nestled in the jungle at the Mayan ruins, La Zebra Colibri Boutique Hotel is the bestTulum Beach Resorts. This boutique hotel provides superior service to its guests, and many facilities are available here.

La Zebra Boutique is located steps away from the beach and close to all the great attractions in Tulum. Several restaurants are located in the area serving various delicious dishes with Mexican, American, and Italian influence. The hotel has excellent customer service and features a third-floor rooftop bar/pool where guests can relax next to a small pool or enjoy a nice sea view.

Tulum Inn Boutique

Tulum Inn Boutique is one of the best Tulum Beach resorts that combine luxury, comfort, and privacy with a spectacular Mexican jungle setting. The Tulum Inn Boutique is a family-owned and family-operated boutique hotel located in the Riviera Maya, where you can access amazing beaches, exciting nightlife, great food, and shopping malls without dealing with busy tourist areas. 

Tulum has some of the best beaches and beach resorts that we found on the Riviera Maya. With pristine white sand and an all-inclusive style, it was no surprise that this town was rated one of the most romantic places in Mexico by a Conde Nast survey.

Radio Tulum Hotel


The Hotel Riu Tulum is a luxury resort located in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It features spacious rooms with terraces, satellite TVs, several pools, and more than 20 restaurants and bars. Most vacationers at this resort want to relax on one of its two beaches just steps from the hotel. Some may also want to visit Cenote Azul near the hotel to swim, snorkel or dive.

Tulum Beach Resorts hotels are unique hotels that offer you the chance to enjoy a luxury vacation and the opportunity to stay in one of the most beautiful parts of the coast of Mexico, which is known to be the area with all of the best beach resorts.

Kin Ha Tulum Hotel

The Tulum beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a small town on the Yucatan Peninsula renowned for its natural scenery and ancient ruins. The people who have visited the town have well dug its beauty and serenity with their loved ones that they come back here repeatedly.

The luxury accommodations on Tulum Beach offer you a chance to embrace an unforgettable escape with the finest in customer satisfaction. From the moment you arrive and are greeted by our staff, you will know that your vacation at Kin Ha Tulum Beach Resorts Hotel is a perfect match for your most authentic desires.

Nnam Tulum Hotel

Named after the Mayan word for ‘cave of the winds,’Tulum Beach Resortsis chic, stylish, and elegant yet retains an air of authenticity. It’s a former port for the Maya people and now a base for sun, sea, and sand lovers alike; it’s no wonder so many flocks here with its pristine beaches and relaxed beach town vibe.

Nam Tulum, meaning “Ocean Snail” in Mayan, is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Tulum. It is a small land lot that stretches into the ocean, very close to the beach. This small outcropping of land can either be accessed by crossing a wooden structure installed a few years back or by walking across the rocks at low tide.  

Corazon De Tulum

When taking the time to look at the Corazon De Tulum, you will find it doesn’t become tough to see why this luxurious spot is so well-known. No matter what you’re searching for in a Mexico beach resort, you’ll find it at Corazon De Tulum. Corazon De Tulum has much more than you may expect with facilities like a championship golf course, an aerial tramway, and a water park.

On the southern coast of Mexico lies the most exciting new addition to the modern travel experience! An area so gorgeous you won’t believe your eyes, with an energy that will leave you breathless. Tulum is a place that offers what to do on your vacation and how to plan a vacation while staying at Corazon De Tulum. Corazon De Tulum has everything you need, from where to stay to how much it costs and what to eat.

Hotel Stella Maris Tulum

Stella Maris is a eucalyptus-shaded haven of well-appointed guest rooms, cliffside ‘Mayan Revival’-style buildings, and a dining area overlooking the cerulean waters. Tulum is a very popular destination to which many people are drawn, so it can be hard to find accommodation. Hotels like Stella Maris fill up quickly, so if you have your heart set on staying here, you should book as soon as possible.

Hotel Stella Maris Tulum has a casual and intimate feel that makes visitors feel instantly at home. Whether you’re enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool or taking a moment to relax with a cool drink in one of the hotel’s lovely open spaces, there’s always something to do and someone to meet at Hotel Stella Maris Tulum.

Hip Hotel Tulum


Hip hotel Tulum is a 3-star boutique hotel in Tulum, Mexico. It is one of the most famous hotels in Tulum and offers you all the comforts when traveling and vacationing. Hip Hotel Tulum is located on the beach and offers a pool and an open-air bar, library, and wifi.

Hip Hotel Tulum, with its color palette of orange, blue, green, and yellow, is one of the top hotels on the beachfront in Tulum. Hip Hotel has been described as ‘the hippest boutique hotel on Mexico’s Riviera Maya.’ It’s an eco-friendly property with all the facilities and services of a large hotel such as laundry, safe deposit box, room service, wifi, and 24hr security. Still, everything is run by only 14 staff members.




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