psychological wellness for everybody

Mental health is concerned with the psychological plus emotional condition of an individual. It’s a very significant yet neglected area. However, much awareness regarding the significance of psychological stability has been done and further awareness thereof is required. The World Mental Health Day is also commemorated on the 10th of Oct, each year to raise consciousness about psychiatric issues all over the earth. However, a theme is set for each year’s World Mental Health Day; likewise, in twenty-twenty a subject for this day had also been set about which we will talk in our writing in detail.

World Mental Health Day’s theme in 2021

The subject matter for this global psychological wellbeing day was decided by the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) which was ‘mental health for all.’ This concept can mean distinct things to different persons; thus, we’ll try to describe this term from the perceptions of various forums.

The idea of psychological wellness for everybody

psychological wellness for everybody

From the literature of the WHO, we tried to understand this idea. So, possibly, psychological wellbeing for everybody tells about making huge investment in the psychological wellbeing sector so that everybody can get access to psychiatric wellness services.

Explaining the concept in the words of the University of West London (UWL) Wellbeing Team, psychological wellbeing for everybody is fair access to (psychological wellness) services for everybody including underrepresented plus minority communities in the populace.

Moreover, the other stuff of UWL also aided us further to know more regarding what this theme can mean. So, from that content, we understood psychological wellbeing for everybody as an idea that tells about creating workplaces and academic environments that allow free and safe expressions of psychiatric wellbeing plus listening carefully when persons speak about their experiences regarding this topic.

Going through the content of the WFMH regarding World Mental Health Day plus its subject matter for twenty-twenty, we understood that psychological wellbeing for everybody is perhaps related to putting higher money in plus higher opportunities of availing psychological wellbeing services all over the world.

As per the WFMH’s President, now is the moment when there is a need for more than ever higher investment in psychological wellbeing so that everybody, all over the earth avails the psychological wellness services. She also stated that psychological wellbeing is an investment and not an expenditure; priority should be given to psychological stability in order to prevent further disaster.

Importance of 2021’s World Mental Health Day’s subject matter

The concept for this year’s international psychological wellness day is very significant as it talks about giving everybody, on the entire earth, an opportunity to use the benefits of psychological wellbeing care and boosting the rate of investment in the sector of psychiatric wellbeing. Furthermore, we can understand the significance of this idea by quoting certain figures and other important things.

Figures about psychiatric disorders

Looking at the magnitude of psychiatric disorders, as per WHO, almost 1 billion persons are suffering from these disorders. This means that many of us go through a diagnosable and treatable psychiatric illness. Also, WHO’s figures say that each year, almost 800,000 individuals die due to suicide. This means that one individual faces death due to suicide every 40 seconds. Now the situation of the coronavirus has made things worse by affecting billions of persons throughout the earth that’s also impacting the psychological wellbeing of individuals.

Despite such high numbers, few individuals comparatively on the globe can use the benefits of excellent psychological wellbeing care. Over 75% of persons suffering from psychiatric, neurological, and drug consumption problems in the low- and middle-income states do not get any medical care for their health problems. Also, the usual amount invested in the psychological wellbeing sector by the countries is just two percent of their health budgets.Try to avoid sitting on same areas but have fun visiting places.

Reasons for less access to treatment

There are many societal, political, and economic reasons behind less access to medical care for psychiatric issues. The stigma of mental illness is one of the social issues that prevent individuals to seek help through treatment.

Also, being unable to afford medical care for psychiatric disorders can be an economic reason behind less access to treatment. Furthermore, no moves like an investment by the governments to boost access to mental health care can be a political reason for lack of access to treatment.

Less investment and less access

Thus, looking at the huge amount of individuals suffering from psychiatric illness via figures plus no medical care available to lots of persons having psychiatric disorders show that perhaps less amount of money is put in the psychiatric wellness sector and hence, there is a lack of access to the psychological wellness care.

The importance

All these things show that this time’s World Mental Health Day’s subject is very significant since the concept asks for putting more money in and raising opportunities to avail psychological wellness services for everybody throughout the earth because it is the requirement of the present-day as the figures indicate.

World Mental Health Day 2021

World Mental Health Day 2021

For World Mental Health Day of 2021, a different subject will be chosen that will aim to emphasize an important aspect of the mental well-being area just like it does every year.

An initiative of WFMH and first celebrated in 1992, World Mental Health Day is surely a great chance to raise consciousness about psychological well-being problems plus organize and encourage endeavors in the support thereof.

We expect and hope that in 2021, on global psychological well-being day, we would see betterment in the conditions of mental health care and persons going through psychiatric disorders.

The problems related to mental health among people can be treated by therapies, treatments plus investment by authorities in mental health services. However, these things are not enough as the roles of society, community, family, and friends are also very significant in this context.

Hence, keeping in mind the subject matter of this year’s international mental wellbeing day, investment in and access to mental health care must be increased by the authorities but we as a society can try our best to eliminate the barriers in the way of getting mental health treatment by killing the stigma of psychiatric disorders and helping people in dealing with their mental illness.

Thus, besides governments and doctors, the role of society is also very important in ensuring higher investment in and higher access to mental health care for all, everywhere.

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