Black Tourmaline Crystal

A Defender for Humans

The Black Tourmaline crystal that is also known by the name of Schorl, is a mighty and prevalent stone that has been used for centuries for different kinds of spiritual practices as well as healing. It has been highly recommended for those who want to remove any kinds of negative energies from their bodies and their surroundings and create positive vibes around them.

An Ancient Stone – For Spiritualistic Curing

During ancient times, the black crystal was used for various healing processes and is still used today, even after thousands of years have passed. Although there are many different colours that it is found in, the Black Tourmaline is the one that is most commonly used and known by people for removing negative energies and protecting against such entities.

Due to being found very deep in the Earth’s crust, the Black Tourmaline crystal has become one of the most potent and most vital stones.

The stone is also used in different kinds of machinery since it can carry an electric charge. Also, it has proven to be very effective for meditation.

The article lists the top 5 physical properties of the Black Tourmaline crystal where its benefits and other experiences for humans are described.

Remove the Negativity from your Life

If you feel that there is something wrong in your life and you often feel negative vibes around you, in your home or workplace or even from the people in your surroundings, then the Black Tourmaline crystal will help curb the negative energies.

Many people wear it in the form of jewellery, around their necks or rings, and it helps remove the negative energies not only from your life but your body too. It also does not allow all these negative energies that you may have in your surroundings to enter your body again. Overall, it keeps you protected from everything negative around you and attracts positive energy.

Gardening – Benefits and Different Uses

The Black Tourmaline crystal has various qualities; for example, it has many different benefits for your garden, as it protects your plants from several different pests. The crystal is a natural insecticide and will keep your plants healthy while also encouraging their growth.

Apart from this, it will also help heal sick plants and cleanse the air as well.

Black Tourmaline – A Great Protector

For thousands of years, the Black Tourmaline has been used as a protective stone by people worldwide. The Black crystal was also used for routine healing by the Shamans. Besides this, it is commonly believed that the crystal is also advantageous for those people who have a negative spirit or any other negative energies within them.

According to psychology, it is also very beneficial for people who suffer from psychic attacks, as it blocks the attack and works on simultaneously building the strength of your aura. The person must have the crystal around them, and many prefer to wear it as a necklace or a ring so that the stone keeps touching the body.

For the Betterment of your Mental Health

Black Tourmaline has proven to be very effective for poor mental health or suffer from any disorders. There are two hemispheres in the brain, and it is necessary to keep both balanced. The School has an electric charge that helps with maintaining a balance between both hemispheres.

Apart from all of this, the Black Tourmaline Crystal also holds the ability to change your negative thoughts into positive ones. Many times, people go through difficulties or are in relationships or situations that are not favourable, and their thoughts often become hostile. People often suffer through different problems or even life-changing events and tragedies, such as an accident, a significant business loss, failure in love or a relationship or the death of a loved one.

The crystal, being a powerful one, changes the negative energy into positive vibes, helps cleanse your thoughts and removes any anxious feelings that you may have, increases your confidence and also removes any fear or doubts. Its mighty healing properties have been used for healing for the last thousands of years.

Black Tourmaline and Chakras

There is no doubt that chakra meditation is famous all around the world because of its many advantages. Although it directly affects our brain, there are various benefits for our body, too, since our brain controls our body.

The Black Tourmaline crystal is related to the root-chakra and will make the person feel a strong connection to mother Earth. Along with this, it helps provide support and protection for the rest of the six chakras and will work to cleanse and change all the negative energies around you that are affecting your life. Overall, it will keep you grounded, stable, and centred. You will eventually start feeling relaxed and calmer; you will achieve inner peace and become more self-aware and understand yourself. Your confidence and energy levels will increase, and you will have a different outlook on life. It can be worn or even kept in the purse, wallet or pocket, to have positive vibes around you throughout the day. Many people also choose to keep it next to their pillows to stay protected during the night.


In this modern technology era and especially after the pandemic, many people have been suffering from poor mental health. There is negativity all around us, and people constantly find themselves thinking about or dealing with different problems and looking for solutions.

Many stones have helped with healing throughout the existence of humans. The Black Tourmaline Crystal is one such powerful and robust crystal that has numerous advantages. It removes the negative energy and entities from our lives and creates positive energy, protects us, helps with healing, and provides various benefits for the body.

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