The use of smartphones

The use of smartphones has become very common among the people of today’s age. They spend hours in using their mobile phones. Also, there are certain side effects of the increased usage of these phones but we can’t deny the usefulness of these mobiles as well. 


However, very recently a research has also been conducted about these phones’ use which shows that using smartphones a lot can perhaps make people impulsive. The study has been performed by the researchers named Tim Schulz van Endert and Peter Mohr.

The use of smartphones and behaving impulsively

As per the research published on PLOS ONE (which is an academic journal), the use of smartphones is closely related to behaving impulsively like making decisions in an impulsive manner. Furthermore, the research demonstrates that the persons who spend greater time using mobile phones are more expected to dismiss bigger, delayed rewards for little, immediate rewards. 

The researchers of this work further stated that people who know that they take decisions impulsively can take advantage from the useful information provided in this research about their high risk of increased mobile phones’ use.

Role of social media and games

social media and games

According to CNN, the researchers also observed that favoring little and immediate rewards over greater and delayed rewards was connected to the higher usage of two kinds of applications namely, social media and gaming. 

Also, as per CNN, one of the researchers who conducted this research said that both kinds of applications give instant satisfaction in the shape of likes plus amusing content on social media and rewards or bonuses in the games; so, it looks instinctive that people attracted towards immediate rewards will do higher usage of these applications. More if you are traveling anywhere then the use of Google Maps would be a clever choice.

Data and participants of the recent study

This research was performed on the basis of the information collected from the built-in application of iPhone which tracks the use of the mobile phones and gives the accurate time period during which the participants of the research were actively using each application on their smartphones. There were total 101 persons who took part in this study.

Adverse effects of the use of smartphones most of the time

This study found connection between impulsive behaviour and high smartphones’ usage thus it looks like that the recent research advocates the previous studies which talked about the disadvantages of increased screen time, as per the CNN. The already done researches demonstrated that use of smartphones can cause headaches to become worse, badly affect sleep patterns, and mental health. 

Many studies show various results about the use of smartphones and the negative effects of doing so. However, we can realize one thing from all these studies that doing anything without maintaining balance can be harmful. When we can’t maintain equilibrium then things start to impact us badly. Likewise, using smartphones excessively can cause many problems like issues related to health. Plus, if we consider taking decisions impulsively a problem then we can add this also in the list of problems of high mobile phones’ usage. Hence, in order to remain healthy and free of these problems, we must use mobile phones in a balanced way. 

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