extravagant drinks

Drinks are an important part of every dining table, be it breakfast, lunchtime, or dinner. One simply cannot live without having fluids. From tea to coffee and juice to milkshake, drinks occupy a significant portion of our food daily. Like imagining a day without coffee is hard and likewise thinking about a dinner table filled with steak, pizza, and lasagne without some chilled drink is tough. Thus, there maybe no disagreement on this thing that drinks are extremely important. However, today, we will talk about world’s most extravagant drinks in this article.

extravagant drinks

Different most costly extravagant drinks in the globe:

It is very interesting to know about those extravagant drinks of the world that are of high costs. Surely, drinks with high prices must be worth knowing because they must have some distinct ingredients and obviously, unique recipes. So, today we will talk about different drinks of this planet like coffee and tea, juices and milkshakes that are very extravagant too.

However, being yummy and costly cannot be together always like a certain drink can be of very high cost but not at all yummy. Moreover, looking into the Islamic aspect of haram and halal food, Muslims simply cannot have a extravagant drinks that’s costly and unique but haram. So, being extravagant doesn’t necessarily make a drink worth trying.

Therefore, we will just talk about the drinks from the perspective of prices and not taste and whether they are halal or haram. However, there is good amount of information about the world’s most costly drinks in this article.

Table of Contents

  • Different most costly drinks in the globe
  • Most high-priced milkshake in the world
  • LUXE Milkshake of New York’s Serendipity 3
  • Most extravagant tea in the globe
  • Da Hong Pao tea
  • Most costly coffee on the earth
  • Kopi Luwak coffee

Most high-priced milkshake in the world:

Firstly, we will talk about one of the most costly milkshakes of the world that’s available in America.

LUXE Milkshake of New York’s Serendipity

LUXE Milkshake of New York’s Serendipity 3 has a cost of 100 US Dollars. This place serves a drink that is one of the most extravagant drinks in USA. LUXE Milkshake contains very costly ingredients that have distinct qualities. Those ingredients are Jersey milk, some kind of vanilla ice cream, Devon luxury clotted cream, vanilla beans from vanilla plants of Madagascar, 23 carats eatable gold, whipped cream, Le Cremose Baldizzone (donkey caramel sauce) made from fresh milk of donkey plus some other items and Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino cherries.

All these ingredients were opted by the chef of this restaurant named Joe Calderone.

However, this milkshake is halal or haram is an important question for the Muslims in America and it needs to be checked by authentic extravagant drinks. The last thing about this drink is that it has been given the title of “most expensive milkshake” in Guinness World Records in the mid of 2018.

Most extravagant tea in the globe:

The next item in the list of most extravagant drinks in the globe for us is one of the high-cost teas of the world from the People’s Republic of China.

Da Hong Pao Tea:

Da Hong Pao tea is the most costly tea on this planet that has its origin in China. As per The Independent, the pot of Da Hong Pao tea is of £180 from which you can drink four small cups. Moreover, the leaves of this tea are of £650,000 per kilo. The leaves of Da Hong Pao tea come from Wuyishan, a city in China’s province of Fujian.

There is an interesting story about these leaves too; these leaves are the ones that healed mother of the Ming Dynasty’s emperor when she was ill. When these leaves are grown they are wiped with the milk of goat in order to give them glow. Then these leaves are plucked and heated over charcoal after which they are left for up to 80 years for attaining the flavour.

Moreover, as per the BBC, a pot of this tea costs well over $10,000 and one gram of tea is of $1,400 which is very, very expensive, to be honest. However, the BBC also stated that the aged and ancient variety of extravagant drinks is of very high cost but average quality of this tea can be bought by paying about $100 for one kilo in Wuyishan. The reason behind high cost of Da Hong Pao tea is that its original kind is prepared from original tea trees’ leaves and these trees are hardly present in this world. Also, it’s high-priced tea of the globe because its bushes are plucked once per year for getting the finest tea.

Most costly coffee on the earth:

So coming to the coffee that helps us to remain up during exam nights but here we will talk about one of the most extravagant coffees on the earth only.

Kopi Luwak coffee:

Kopi Luwak is one of the most costliest coffee in the globe and its one cup is of $80 in America. However, there is something very interesting about this coffee. This coffee is prepared from the coffee beans that are eaten, partly digested, and then excreted by civet, an animal that is like a cat. The coffee beans are then purified and processed. Also, in the western countries, this coffee is called “cat poop coffee.”

This coffee is one of the most extravagant drinks in USA but as per the Business Insider, there is something dark behind Kopi Luwak’s manufacturing. The Business Insider stated that the coffee beans for this extravagant drinks are taken by making civets suffer as they are kept in cage and forced to eat coffee berries from which Kopi Luwak is made consequently.

Earlier, this coffee was prepared by using faeces of wild civets that used to graze in the wilds and eat their favourite cherries, all in fun. Then people who used to make and produce coffee would look for the poop of the civets. Initially, Kopi Luwak was the speciality of Indonesia only and it was produced without torturing civets.

Kopi Luwak coffee

However, after Tony Wild, a coffee expert introduced this coffee in the Western world, everything changed as the demand for Kopi Luwak got higher as a result of which civets maybe started to face torture for excreting great quantity of coffee beans. The civets because of being confined suffer a lot as they get stressed, have issues related to health because of the weird dietary, bite their own legs and they end up dying often.

Hence, all the above mentioned extravagant drinks in this article are one of the most extravagant drinks in USA and the world. However, whether they are good in taste or not is another question and most importantly, for Muslims, whether these drinks are halal or haram is an important query and it must be checked before drinking them.

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