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Top 5 Best Babymoon Destinations

Babymoon Destinations


Before discussing Babymoon destinations, it is essential to understand what a Babymoon is? We often hear about celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who traveled to Paris, or Kate Middleton, who went to the island of Mustique for her Babymoon, but why do these celebrities travel for their Babymoon?  

A babymoon is a kind of travel or a relaxing holiday taken by parents before the birth of a baby, usually in the second trimester of pregnancy. It gives parents a chance to unwind and relax before they finally face the responsibilities of a baby.  

It should be noted that Babymoon is not just a trip where one would enjoy a romantic holiday, but as a baby human grows inside you and travels along with you, this also helps with his/her physical and mental health. This is because both depend on the mother’s health and the place she is in, the food she eats, and her environment. Hence the excellent health and condition of a mother promote better growth of the baby. This article lists 5 top babymoon destinations, and parents can get a chance to enjoy a pleasant holiday before the birth of their new baby.   


If you are the kind of a couple that loves nature and wants to stay at a place where you can enjoy the view of the beautiful ocean and where you can walk along the sunny beach holding the hand of your loved one, then Greece would be the perfect destination. It is a place where you can have a peaceful time and enjoy spectacular views along with great food.   

For a babymoon destination, it is also necessary to have all the required medical facilities, and the healthcare system of Greece is well developed and accessible.   

Couples can visit various places such as the ancient city of Athens, the beautiful island of Santorini, or even Mykonos that offers sunny beaches, water sports activities, and an authentic Greek experience. So, if you plan a babymoon trip, then Greece would be the right choice for you.   


Many people choose Italy as their wedding destination or for their honeymoon trip. However, Italy would be perfect as a babymoon destination as well. A mother and her baby need a calm place where the mother would enjoy her time and be safe. Italy offers the best of culture, art, and history and along with that, it has beautiful, calm and silent beaches, that would be just the right place to relax. Furthermore, the hotels, resorts, and villas for travelers offer complete facilities that would be required for a pregnant woman.   

Besides these facilities, the couple can get the chance to see and visit many other great places too, such as the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain in Rome, Grand canal and Burano in Venice, the Royal palace or the Sempione Park in Milan or the other beautiful cities such as Florence, Bologna, Naples, and Noto.   

On your trip to Italy, make sure not to miss a visit to the beautiful Amalfi coast and Lake Como, which are very popular with tourists and couples.   

Dubai – United Arab Emirates  

Dubai is a place that should surely be on the list of best babymoon destinations because it offers everything that a pregnant woman would need on holiday. On the one hand, it provides places where one can relax and feel calm, such as many beautiful beaches and corniches, resorts and hotels, spa treatments, and wellness centers. On the other hand, there are many other places where couples can go for different activities. This could be going on a city tour, booking a yacht, trying out delicious food, or even shopping at one of the many luxury stores and malls. Along with that, Dubai offers the best healthcare services and experienced doctors.   

It is indeed true that no place can beat Dubai as a babymoon destination. It is a place where the modern lifestyle meets the old Arab culture and can enjoy the best of everything.   

Toronto- Canada 

Canada has always been on the top of the list for those countries that offer excellent healthcare services. Since this is one of the most critical conditions for a babymoon trip, Canada should undoubtedly be on your list. Apart from this, Canada is also one of the most beautiful countries globally and a top tourist place. Its never-ending snowy mountains, national parks, waterfalls, lakes, and ski resorts are great destinations. Then, there is moderate temperature all year in cities like Toronto except for a few months of cold winter. So, make sure to keep this place on your bucket list if you want to have a nice trip and some fun with your partner, something that will not be easily possible after having a baby. 


Switzerland is one of the best travel destinations, including that for a babymoon trip because of its natural beauty that fascinates travelers worldwide. It is the perfect choice for a babymoon as the expecting mother should travel to a place where there is peace, and she can relax and enjoy her time to the fullest. Couples can visit the beautiful city of Geneva or Lucerne. They can travel to Zurich and visit different places like the botanical garden, museums, and fantastic food. Something that should not be missed out on is the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva.  


To conclude, a babymoon is the kind of travel where an expecting mother travels with her partner in the trimester of her pregnancy. Still, the chosen babymoon destination should have all facilities for a pregnant woman and help her relax and feel comfortable while enjoying it. So, if you are planning your Babymoon any time soon, make sure that you consider these five best Babymoon destinations and make your Babymoon a memorable one. 

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