Traveling is Overrated

Traveling is overrated. Not only does it take away from the world around us, but when you’re on your travels, there’s nothing more boring than hearing about other people’s adventures who have been somewhere exotic or experienced something life-changing in their backyards–it makes me grateful to be home even before my plane touches down!

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When you think about it, air travel is just a bad idea.

I mean, who wants to spend hours on end sitting in an airport waiting for their delayed flight? And then there are all these people cancelling flights so they can go out drinking or gamble instead of getting back home at some point during the day because that seems more important than anything else… It sounds like nonsense when someone describes how crazy things were last January- 49 thousand cancelled flights and 30 million travellers left stranded!

But more than any of that—and also far more so than the fact that airports strike me as dystopian metropolises in terms of sprawl, noise pollution, and pedestrians; they’re soulless spaces designed to extract profit from people who are just trying to do their jobs while being able-bodied enough. Plus, there’s all this buildup around it…I made my resolution after noticing something off about how I hope to learn abroad will inform some part or another aspect of my life but instead found myself only coming back with new frustrations–frankly none worth mentioning here other than an immense sense like what gives?

The travel fund isn’t in the destination, but rather how you get there. In my experience travelling around Europe as a young adult and on my own for educational purposes (rather than just trying to relax), I quickly became disappointed by all things European: their Starbucks chains everywhere; teenagers slouched over phones while walking down city streets like they have nothing else going on under pragmatic eyes from adults who seem equally bored out of their minds waiting tables or working at H&Ms two blocks away — neither place offering much more than products one can buy online nowadays if not made overseas where labour costs are lower anyway so what does it matter? It felt icky being surrounded by people living this mediocre lifestyle without any authentic culture, let alone anything.

I was fortunate to have visited many exotic places, all of which left me feeling both humbled and empowered. I felt my insignificance in a universe vast beyond what we can comprehend when looking up at one-thousand-year-old trees that seemed as if they were reaching straight through the clouds high above us—their transcendent majesty reminded us how little our lives matter compared with these giant beings from long ago who once lived on this land before anyone else did too! All around them, there are vines wrapped tightly about their trunks like massive arms grasping desperately for something higher, offering protection against those below eager only for simple things such as food or warmth but also predators alike.

While I have never been the type to travel far from home and prefer a more grounded experience instead when it comes time for adventure abroad—what’s so wrong with going somewhere new? Sure there are risks involved in any trip: possible death by plane crash (to be honest), which is why travelling became less appealing as an educational tool. However, you don’t need some grand tour or globetrotting agenda; all one needs to do their research online before heading out into unknown territory!.

I don’t know about you, but I regularly pack up my stuff and head out for some new adventures. It doesn’t matter where or when-as long as there are books! Over the last few weeks alone, thanks to a terrific course on CD from Smith College professor Jay Garfield called “The Meaning Of Life.” We learned all about texts such as The Bhagavad Gita (an ancient Indian text), Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, which is written in Greek Philosophy style throughout this book; plus we explored other spiritual leaders like Dalai Lama & Lame Deer who had his influence within different belief systems around world cultures at great depths–Confucianism Daoism.

I’ve been to Greece and Sri Lanka, but my trip will always be remembered for my time in this class. It’s helped me better understand what it means to live an empowered life with knowledge on top of experience – no matter how visceral or intellectual those moments may seem at first glance.

People often travel for the same reasons as everyone else, but I think some find themselves in a state of existential flight. This can happen when they’re too wrapped up with smartphone OCD and consumerism to let their inner voices be heard. When this happens, it becomes hard to question who we are or if our lives feel authentic enough–our values may get muted by all these distractions that come from traveling instead!

I love to travel and have been worldwide, but I am always done with flights. The only way a person should ever get on an aeroplane is if they’ve got no other option- like you might need medical care or want badly enough for your family member’s birthday that it would break their heart not being there just once more before dying.

At least then we can still enjoy exploring those new places!

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