25 March, 2023

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Understanding Public Storm Warning Signal #1 and Why it is Important

The Philippines’ disaster risk reduction and management system includes public storm warning signals (PSWS), which are an essential component of the system. These signs give vital information to the general people about approaching typhoons, including their strength and the possible damage they may cause.

In this article, we will go over in great detail PSWS #1, including its significance and the reasons why it is necessary.

What is Public Storm Warning Signal #1?

Public Storm Warning Signal #1 is a type of warning that is issued by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) to inform the public that a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds of 30-60 kilometres per hour (kph) is expected to affect a certain area within the next 36 hours.

When this warning is displayed, the following conditions are anticipated to be present:

  • Wind gusts of 30–60 kilometres per hour are possible within the next 36 hours or less.
  • It is strongly recommended that members of the general public keep an eye on the current weather situation and pay attention to the most recent weather bulletin provided by PAGASA.
  • While going out to sea, it is important for vessels of a smaller size to exercise caution and take precautions.
  • There is a possibility that air travel will be disrupted, therefore travellers are encouraged to get in touch with their airlines to make arrangements for any potential delays.
  • It is strongly recommended that those who live in locations that are prone to flooding and landslides take safety precautions and remain alert in case they need to evacuate their homes.
  • It is essential to keep in mind that PAGASA publishes its weather bulletins on a consistent basis and that it adjusts the level of the Public Storm Warning Signal up or down depending on the conditions of the atmosphere at the time. It is strongly suggested that members of the public maintain their level of awareness by keeping up with the most recent weather bulletins issued by PAGASA via the organization’s website, social media profiles, and radio or television broadcasts.

Why is Public Storm Warning Signal #1 Important?

Early Warning System

The PSWS #1 operates as an early warning system, which alerts the general public in advance of an approaching typhoon. It gives individuals living in the areas that will be affected the opportunity to get ready for the potential effects that the storm could have, such as powerful winds and rain.

Decrease in Risk

Decrease in Risk It allows residents to take the appropriate safeguards, such as securing their homes, putting together emergency supplies, and relocating to safer locations if necessary.

Coordination of Disaster Response

The publication of Public Safety Warning Statement Number One also activates the disaster risk reduction and management system, which enables government agencies and other stakeholders to coordinate their response to the disaster. This involves the activation of evacuation centers, the deployment of search and rescue teams, and the pre-positioning of emergency supplies and equipment.

How to Respond to Public Storm Warning Signal #1?

Stay Informed

Maintain your awareness of official updates from PAGASA and local officials to maintain awareness of the typhoon’s most recent developments and potential effects.


Take the appropriate precautions to safeguard your home by boarding up windows, cleaning out gutters, and securing any loose items in your yard.

Stock up on Essential Supplies

Stock up on vital goods such as food, water, medicine, and a first aid kit. In addition, prepare an emergency kit. Ensure that you have sufficient supplies to last for at least three days.

Evacuate if Necessary

If you are living in a location that is prone to flooding or is low-lying, you should be prepared to evacuate to safer places if it becomes necessary to do so. Please pay attention to the advice provided by the local authorities, and do what they say.


PSWS #1 is an essential component of the comprehensive disaster risk reduction and management system that the Philippines has in place. It acts as an early warning system, allowing citizens to make the required preparations, lowering the danger of property damage and loss of life, and making it easier to coordinate the response to a natural catastrophe. We can lessen the potential damage caused by typhoons and ensure the safety of ourselves and our communities if we keep ourselves informed and take the appropriate safety measures.




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