25 March, 2023

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Causes, Symptoms, and Precaution

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Causes, Symptoms, and Precaution

Vitamin B12 also known as cobalamin is an important component needed by the body to form RBCs and DNA. It plays a great role in the development of nerve and brain cells.  Cobalamin binds with the protein-rich foods you take and promotes the development of both nerve and brain cells.

Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal products and fortified foods. Vitamin B12 deficiency in the body means exposure to pernicious anemia. To avoid any serious health complications due to a lack of vitamins, you must go for a vitamin profile test.

Health is like money, we never value it until we lose it!  Whenever you feel that your health is becoming worse, you should reach out to your nearest doctor for a health checkup before the rise of any serious disease.

Let’s take a look at the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

The symptoms are as follows:

  • Fatigue
  • Palpitations
  • Headache
  • Shortening of breath
  • Lethargy
  • Pale skin
  • Reflex problems
  • Irritation
  • Mood swings
  • Confusion or memory loss
  • Sore mouth
  • Problems related to menstruation

Benefits of Vitamin B12

Let’s dive into the benefits of vitamin B12:

  • Vitamin B12 cures depression by producing serotonin in the body.
  • It decreases the risk of macular degeneration, an eye disease causing blindness in adults. 
  •  A deficiency of vitamin B12 in pregnant ladies increases the chance of vitamin B12.  
  • It is an important nutrient for the brain and nervous system. 
  • Creates and regulates DNA
  • It is an essential nutrient for the production of energy in the body. 
  • It increases the cognitive function of the body. 
  • Prevents anemia and helps in the formation of Red Blood Cells in the body.

Causes of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

The foremost cause of vitamin B12 deficiency in the body is the lack of vitamin B12 in the body. Besides, there are some other causes which are as follows:

  • Gastric surgeries reduce the absorption of vitamins in the body which leads to a deficiency of vitamins in the body.
  • Intestinal problems or celiac disease make it difficult for the vitamins to absorb in the body. 
  • Excessive drinking is also another reason for the deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body.

A deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body leads to the following health complications:

  • It leads to memory loss, confusion, and even nervous system disorder. 
  • A fall in the level of vitamin B12 leads to pernicious anemia which later increases the chance of gastric cancer. 
  • It leads to atrophic gastritis, a condition when the lining of the stomach is thinned. 
  • Grave’s disease or immune system disorder also occurs due to a lack of vitamins in the body.
  • Certain medications sometimes affect the level of vitamins in the body. 
  • People who consume alcohol regularly are more at risk of developing health issues due to a lack of vitamin B12.

If you have been facing any symptoms due to a lack of vitamins, then do visit a trusted health center for a vitamin B12 test. Redcliffe Labs is one of India’s trusted pathology labs that aims to give the best health service at an affordable cost. The primary objective of the team is to offer the top-notch health service to attain patient satisfaction. The test will help the doctor in suggesting suitable medication and natural supplements to regulate the level of vitamins in the body.

Along with this, one must also consume vitamin-rich foods to maintain the level of cobalamin in the body. So, let’s now proceed with the foods that will help you in balancing vitamin levels.

Sources of Vitamin B12

The sources of vitamin B12 are: 

  • Animal liver and kidneys are a good source of cobalamin.
  • Clams contain iron and vitamins which balances the level of vitamins in the body.
  • Dairy products are a high source of vitamins and keep the body healthy. 
  • Eggs contain iron, vitamin B12, and B2 to promote brain and eye health. 
  • Beetroot has plenty of vitamins and minerals which are essential for the proper metabolism of the body. 
  • Apart from fruits and vegetables, dry fruits like almonds and peanuts also promote good health. 

Fruits like apples, berries, and bananas are also a good source of cobalamin.


We know that lack of vitamins may have serious consequences on your health. Therefore, one should not neglect its symptoms and should go for an immediate checkup like a vitamin profile test. It will get the status of vitamins in the body.

Some ways of preventing the lack of vitamins in the body are as follows: 

  • Get connected to a good dietician for a proper health plan along with the types of exercise that need to be followed regularly without fail. 
  • The diet must contain vitamin-rich foods to prevent vitamin deficiency. 
  • Switch to natural vitamin supplements if needed to regulate the vitamin level of the body. 
  • Be it any disease, a proper diet and exercise help a person to deal with it and eventually conquer the disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient of the body to form Red Blood Cells and prevent anemia. The deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to serious diseases in the body like pernicious anemia.

Why Is Vitamin B12 essential?

Vitamin B12 is essential to form Red Blood Cells in the body and it is also required for the proper functioning of the cells. A lack of vitamin B12 means cell malfunctioning and a rise in pernicious anemia.

In a NutshellSelf-care is how you keep yourself healthy. The best to keep yourself healthy is when you start giving proper attention to your health. Get into healthy practices, eat well, and do daily exercise to keep yourself in a good health always. If you ever feel the need for a health checkup or vitamin B12 test, don’t hesitate to connect with Redcliffe Labs as it has got the ultimate solution for your worsening health conditions.

Connect with the expert team to get a piece of brief information about the other health packages and tests.


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