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When voluntary connects with something travel or tour related, it is called ‘Voluntary tourism’, a kind of tourism where needy people are provided help and the things they need through volunteering. The voluntary tourism industry is huge and, “environment volunteer tourism” is a wide niche. In this article, environmental volunteer tourism and how the right volunteer project can be chosen will be discussed.

Definition of “Voluntary”

It is necessary to understand what ‘Voluntary’ is before describing “Voluntary tourism”. Voluntary is unpaid work, which someone does through his own free will for an individual or an organization.

Volunteer Tourism

The meaning of voluntary, has been discussed and, now there is a need to understand the connection between voluntary and tourism. Since the meaning of voluntary has been understood, there is a need to understand what tourism means and tourism is a specific kind of travel. Both the connected words lead to travel, where the volunteers have a great desire to help fulfil the needs of poor people and help them in every way possible. In the past, people suffered from different issues like poverty, diseases, unemployment, inflation, illiteracy and worse, at times, from wars and diseases like plague and often natural disasters as well. Still, not many people around the world knew about it because, at that time, people did not have access to the internet connection.

However, we are now living in a global village where people are aware of what is happening all around them. An example could be that even if there is a thunderstorm in India or an earthquake in Pakistan, or a famine in Africa or people suffering from extreme poverty in different parts of the world, or not having access to education or healthcare facilities or a place to live, then everyone knows about it.

Just with one click, people can become aware of the circumstance of those suffering or the needy people, those who have been waiting for a long time for someone to help them with their suffering.

Across the world, volunteer tourism is a form of travel that has become increasingly popular. It is important to understand why and how volunteer tourism is popular among many wealthy countries. In academics, volunteer tourism is a huge industry worldwide because when these volunteers travel to developing countries where they work, they benefit the people and travel agencies, airlines, hotels, rental car companies, and more.

Marina Novelli is a geographer who guides people about volunteer tourism, funded by the United Nations and the World Bank on tourism development. She says, “Individuals offer their service to change some aspect of society for the better”.

Volunteer tourism is a billion-dollar industry because, in many undeveloped and developing countries, there are uncountable needs that require continuous money and support in many different ways.

There are different types of volunteer tourism and, “Environment volunteer tourism” will be discussed in detail:

Environment Volunteer Tourism

Environment Volunteer Tourism is the kind of tourism where our nature, the land as well as all that below the water is being protected. Volunteer tourists who love outdoor work and nature can support environment volunteer tourism. Although our world has become a global village and we live in a modern world, however, globalization has uncountable and untold harms, which our earth and the creatures who live on it face in the form of global warming. We must take part in helping make our environment healthy and livable for all kinds of life present on it and make it a better place for poor people. Apart from global warming, our world has many other issues like water shortages, heat waves, tsunamis, floods and different kinds of natural disasters. Hence, it is our responsibility to take care of mother earth and make all efforts possible to help the world. In environment tourism, volunteers contribute their valuable time to a project dedicated to environmental conservation and, by doing this, they can help protect our precious world.

Tourists interested in green agriculture and rainforest conservation or supporting sustainable sources can invest their time and effort into various projects where the environment is being protected. And to protect the environment, volunteers are invariably needed by different organizations, where many students can also opt for an environmental internship after taking permission from their schools and parents.

In third-world countries, where people do not have access to water and food, a house to live in and do not have even their basic needs fulfilled, their standard of life is lowered even more after any natural disaster. In this situation, thousands of environment volunteer tourists come from different parts of the world, especially from wealthy countries and bring food, clothes, blankets, shoes and much more for these people, help build new houses for them, in the form of tents first, where they can get shelter and where they can be protected from the cold and hot or any extreme weather.

Volunteers also often carry out actions such as planting trees and plants in such areas to help make the environment better again.

How Can You Choose the Right Volunteer Project?

As is mentioned above, volunteer tourism has become a huge industry, and there are thousands of different projects that are carried out by different organizations with several different volunteers working on it all around the world. And through searching online, these different volunteer projects can be found out about, including all their details, the kind of project going on, the people working on it, the main aim and goals. This will help you choose the right volunteer projects.


Tourism is a kind of specific travel, and voluntary tourism is the kind of tourism where poor people in underdeveloped and developing countries are being helped by volunteers from all around the world. In environment volunteer tourism, these volunteers help the poor and needy people, especially after natural disasters, to help make our world a better and cleaner place. To choose the right volunteer tourism, people can contact different volunteer tourism organizations to find out about through searching online.

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