Walking On Travels

When you are walking on travels and shooting photos, I recommend you try to shoot a photography project. Why? It will give you a focus during your trip, and also yield something tangible at the end of your trip!

Here are some shooting ideas to discuss when you are walking on your travels.

Shoot your entire trip on 35mm film

Before your trip, make sure you bring with you some film! There are plenty of amazing photos taken on 35mm film, especially in black and white. Oftentimes film cameras can add that bit of vintage flare to a photo, making it stand out. For example, when I was in Italy last year I shot many pictures using the Holgas. But what really made my vacation unique was how well they worked on film compared to digital when it came to capturing light.

The benefits of shooting only film while travelling: less distractions! You don’t need to worry about looking at your photos until the very last minute of your trip. Also surprisingly, travelling with film is actually better than digital because you’re not paranoid about hard drives crashing at night, or about losing data in an airport security scan. So pick up your camera bag and start dreaming.

What makes a neighbourhood walking on travels strong?

When travelling abroad, one way to make the most out of your experience is to try to experience a lot of things. One option is to photograph lots of different neighbourhoods or areas in an area you are visiting. You may want to photograph certain places or people because they interest you and later share them on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

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 Walking On Travels through Transportation shooting

I’ve found some of the best places to shoot while travelling are on public transportation; the subway, the bus, and even at the airport, or anywhere in transit. Even while inside a taxi or Uber! I find that everyone is focused on their phone or tablet device when they’re in motion and it’s easy to capture some amusing photos — especially if you’re already seated next to someone.

Pick Personal documents when you walking on Travels

  • Passport
  • Travel visa
  • Driver licence
  • Identification documents
  • Travel Itinerary Plan
  • Travel Insurance Certificate
  • Air Tickets
  • Children’s Birth Certificate
  • Tickets to Events
  • Vaccination Certificates

Maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout On Walking On Travels

Another practical tip: stick to a consistent aesthetic for the entire trip, which means shoot the whole trip in either colour or black and white. I’d suggest: decide whether to shoot monochrome or colour once you arrive at your target destination! Because you’ll never know until you get there. If you’re shooting film, just take a small chance and commit to either black and white or film before your trip.

Self Portrait 

Many photographers shy away from self-portraits. There’s something about the shift of perspectives, from behind to in front of the camera, that makes most photographers feel uneasy. You may think you hate the idea of taking a self-portrait, but if you give it a try and take some time to get used to the process, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fun it is!

White and Black

Black and white photography is one of the best ways to create a fresh perspective on your content. By taking these photos in black and white, you’ll provide each and every image with an entirely new feel. You’ll be able to see the textures of your subject matter much more than if you had taken them in colour. And by photographing in black and white, you can focus on areas that simply don’t work as well with colour photographs.As an example, mid-day light consists of strong shadows, which can be hard to light properly in any format. Because of this, the harshness that remains throughout most of the day makes many subjects difficult to capture properly in colour photography. 

Photograph Your Lodging

Too many photographers forget about the little things in their walking on travels. They’re so focused on the things and places they’re going to see that they forget about the place they come back to time and time again. Depending on where you’re travelling, the hotels you stay can be remarkable subjects for photography. They can be historic buildings or feature interesting architecture. This isn’t saying you should stay at your hotel and shoot pictures all day. Instead, pay special attention to them when you begin and end your day. The changing light can reveal subtle details that will help bring out the hotel’s spirit. Doing this is particularly interesting in places like Venice and Budapest where there are hotels nearly as old as the city itself.


Colour juxtaposition is a popular form of photo editing that uses two colours that compliment each other to create interest.  For example, green and red or orange and blue. When next to each other, these colours help create an eye-catching colour profile.

Recreate Famous Photographs

Studying and recreating other photographers’ work is a great way for you to find your artistic style. For this project, find a photographer that you admire, or one whose approach is vastly different from yours. Begin by studying their work and learning everything you can about their approach. Find out what draws you to their work and how its meaning touches you. If possible, take photos at the same time as they do so that your photo doesn’t feel contrived.

Collaborate With Another Artist

Although this may sound like the most obvious thing in the world, you are required to meet and work with another artist in your walking on travels. This could be a photographer, furniture maker, dancer, hair stylist, musician or alike. To do this you need to spend a day or just an afternoon with them so that you can learn from them and see if there is anything that you feel works for you and how they work.

Create a Photo Book

There are many photo book services that you can find on the internet to put your work together.These services usually provide a variety of template options that enables you to create your book with fun and ease.The options available to you will vary depending on the service you use.Some services will allow you to create a hard-backed book that is of professional quality, but they are typically pricey. That said, they make for great gifts for family and friends. Make sure you take the time to research the one you end up using so you can get the best result.


Walking On Travels is an excuse to explore our planet. To see things for what they are. Be present in the moment. There are life lessons found in both the big and small things of life, and we look forward to sharing them with you all when we can.

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