25 March, 2023

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WATCH: Today’s Google Doodle Features an Interactive Game to Honor Bubble Tea

Game to Honor Bubble Tea

Today, January 29, Google honours bubble tea, a Taiwanese beverage that has become well-known worldwide. This day in 2020 saw the formal introduction of bubble tea as a new emoji. All of Sunday’s interactive Doodle’s components were hand-drawn by Doodle artists Celine You and Sophie Diao!

Google has noted milk tea or bubble tea’s essentially global appeal. Through a doodle, Google highlighted it in their distinctive way. Due to its widespread appeal, Bubble Tea was formally introduced as a new emoji on this day in 2020. The popularity of this Taiwanese beverage, which was formerly a specialty of the region, has skyrocketed in recent years. A Formosan Mountain Dog who runs a bubble tea store in the middle of a wet forest is the protagonist of the latest Google Doodle minigame.

Making tea in the game is simple; all that is required is to fill the cup to the line with the appropriate amount of each ingredient. A consumer can receive up to three stars if they stop while waiting in line.

The delights of bubble tea are celebrated in the Google Doodle game

Game to Honor Bubble Tea

The most recent Google homepage minigame honours the easy pleasures of brewing bubble tea and enjoying it with friends.

Bubble tea, which first appeared in Taiwan in the 1980s, is a remarkably broad category of beverages. If you haven’t had the pleasure of tasting one, bubble tea is essentially any type of flavoured and sweetened cold tea. Little pearls of substance, like tapioca or jelly, that may rise through the large straw are what give the beverage its “bubble” effect. In regards to the reason Google chose January 29 to commemorate bubble tea, it was on that day in 2020 when it was revealed that the well-known beverage will have its own emoji.

You take on the role of a Formosan Mountain Dog running a bubble tea store in the middle of a wet forest in the new Google Doodle minigame. Simple filling of the cup with each ingredient to reach a line is all that is required to make tea in the game. You can receive up to three stars per client if you pause while on the line.

In this entirely hand-drawn bubble tea game, players will recognise some familiar faces from previous Google Doodle games. For instance, the well-known “weather frog” mascot Froggy and the two feline protagonists from Magic Cat Academy and Doodle Champion Island Games also make an appearance. You are treated to some lovely, mellow music throughout the trip, enhanced by the sound of rain.

Before the shop closes for the day, you must complete five orders, each of which is harder than the previous two. The nicest part about ordering bubble tea was obviously not forgotten by this Doodle. The consumers line up their straws and, once each drink is finished, poke through the lid in an oddly pleasurable manner.



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