Due to the fact that a SUP board also finds its way well in shallow waters, the Stand-Up Paddle is an ideal tour companion. It has more buoyancy than a kayak and is easy to maneuver even in narrower sections. If it gets too tight, it can simply be lifted out of the water and put back in at the next possible opportunity. This makes the Stand Up Paddle suitable for longer tours and also allows you to take luggage with you. This is especially true for inflatable stand-up paddleboards with luggage net.

Sup boards are becoming increasingly popular with families. On the large stand area, children can easily be taken with them, as long as they meet the motor requirements and can swim themselves. The board can be used in sitting, standing, kneeling, and lying positions. Small excursions on calm waters can be easily realized, especially since the Stand-Up Paddle offers enough space and is safe in the water.


Safety first! The basic requirement for Stand Up Paddling is a good swimming education. best electric scooter helmets for adults this also applies to children who are taken along or move freely with the SUP board. An additional life jacket ensures maximum safety. In addition, sufficient sun protection should be considered.

Stand Up Paddles for children and families

There are differently designed SUP boards on the market that are adapted to the advantages of user groups. If you are looking for a Stand-Up Paddle for family use or especially for children, there are also suitable offers here. For example, the Blumarina Stand-up Paddle Ariki 2022, is available in three different sizes.

Our all-round talent: Miweba Sports Stand Up Paddle Ariki 2022

The Ariki 2022 series is one of the most family-friendly stand-up paddles the market has to offer. In addition to the 3-fin system, the drop-stitch technology, in particular, ensures optimum buoyancy in a stable position. With a load capacity of up to 140 kg, the large boards are suitable for taking the children with you, for example. The paddles filled with a foam insert remain in the water on the surface and are practical to handle due to their lightweight construction. Another plus is the transport because the Stand Up Paddle Board is inflatable. When driving on holiday, it can be easily stowed away and quickly inflated with the supplied double piston pump. The correct operating pressure can be set via the integrated pressure gauge. With the anti-slip system on the surface, a safe stand is guaranteed.

If you want to take additional luggage with you on the journey, you can stow it in the luggage net. Thanks to the low deadweight of up to a maximum of 12 kg and the padded carrying handle, transport in and out of the water are child’s play. Speaking of children: The Stand-Up Paddle Ariki is also available in its own version for the offspring: Children Stand Up Paddle Board Ariki 2022.

Specially designed for children: Ariki Stand Up Paddle Kid 230

With a total length of 230 cm, a width of 65 cm, and a thickness of 10 cm, the Ariki 2022 Children’s Stand Up Paddle is aimed at the needs of children and adolescents who get along well on the SUP board. Its optimized water position makes it tilt-proof and also the ascent succeeds from the water without much effort. The load capacity of 90 kg makes the Stand-Up Paddle for children also interesting for teenagers and adults who are looking for a robust and at the same time extremely maneuverable Stand-Up Paddle.

The best Stand Up Paddle

Basically, stand-up paddle boards differ from hard boards and inflatable SUP beginners longboards for kids The latter are usually not only cheaper but offer the same comfort on tours on the water. The handy companions are easy to transport and also have a lower dead weight. A stand-up paddleboard that is inflatable thus has significant advantages over the surfboards and stand-up paddles for the professional sector, which are often made of GRP.

Which Stand Up Paddle should you buy?

The question of the right Stand Up Paddle is primarily directed at the type of use. Which waters are preferred, how long should the tours be, is the SUP board only used in the summer months, and which type of movement is desired? In addition to Stand Up Paddling, it is also possible to use it while sitting, lying down, or kneeling. This is particularly about the surface finish and the overall balance of the board. If you want to save space during storage and plan the transport in the car and not on the roof, you should concentrate on a Stand Up Paddle Board for inflating when buying.

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