Innovation Factory is introducing real-case utility projects like debit/credit cards and online stores; into the crypto world. BBonds is one such mega-projects in which the firm is introducing Prize Bonds as the world’s first Bitcoin crypto bond, offering holders multiple revenue-generating alternatives.

The money you put into buying BBonds can be kept safe, invested through a smart contract, or utilized to help you win a significant prize through a lottery system. Their basic structure or functionality is quite basic: a digitally produced bond number that is very secure and can be liquidated instantly against the digital currency.

How do they work?

The workflow of BBonds is rather simple and easy to understand. After every 15 days, prizes are distributed through a lucky draw.

Lucky Draw

After every 15 days, five lucky winners are selected through the American Powerball lottery. The procedure of this lucky draw is very basic. The more digits on your BBonds that match the lottery numbers, the bigger the jackpot will be, leaving absolutely no doubt in the holder’s mind. Prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • First prize: 10 BTC
  • Second prize: 5 BTC
  • Third prize: 2.5 BTC
  • Fourth prize: 1 BTC
  • Fifth prize: 0.5 BTC

The company has announced that Bbond (crypto bonds) will be launched soon. This means that investors can use their BFICoins to buy BBonds and win numerous bitcoin awards. Those who don’t get to win the prize bond can wait for the next lucky draw that will happen after 15 days, or the holder can sell the BBond instantly and get BFICoins.

How to buy BBonds?

The developers of Innovation Factory are working on the final phase of this project, and it will be launched in the coming month. A utility-based project from Bfic Ecosystem, are working on making the project fully proof and more userfriendly. Once the project is live, anyone can buy BBonds with ease. Further instructions on how you can Buy BBonds will be published after the project is deployed.

The price of BBonds will be 0.001BTC. The buyers will pay this price in the form of BFICoin, i.e, if 0.001BTC is equivalent to 10 BFICoins, the buyer will then have to pay 10 BFICoins to buy 1 BBond.

Benefits of BBonds

●     Secure and reliable investment

Developed on a blockchain means that it is decentralized and cannot be manipulated at any level. That makes BBonds the most secure and reliable option when it comes to prize bonds.

●     A winning opportunity every 15 days

After every 15 days, new prizes are distributed among the holders of BBonds through the American Powerball lottery.

●     Instant liquidity

If at any point you want, you can liquidate your BBonds by selling them directly, and you can have your digital currency on the spot without any hassle.

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