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If you want to take your next move and feel reluctant due to some problems you have faced in your past, it is suitable to get suggestions from your astrology. Astro click travel is really helpful for you in this regard. It is really helpful in an astrology reading. You can also find online Astro locality mapping for Astro seeking.

You are always in search of where should I live astrology free. So, don’t you worry there are different websites that provide you astrology reading? Some of them are a major source of getting your Astro locality mapping according to your birth chart these are




Although, world’s famous astrologer Hillis-Dineen says it is better to make your birth chart read from an expert. However, you can read it yourself with some basic knowledge. We are here going to discuss in detail that how to read astrocartography.

What is astro-click travel?

You should first understand the term astro-click travel before getting guidance to read it. Astro-click travel is necessary when you relocate from your region of birth. It becomes necessary to follow because if you have taken birth where the sun was not culminated (high peaked) and you have travelled to the place where it remains mild-culminated then it might make a difference in your astrology reading. So, angle presented on the online forums suggest how to deal with your day-to-day moves and at what place you can better enjoy your vacations.

If you are suspicious about how to read astrocartography so first understand that you have to understand 12 planetary positions for knowing your astro location mapping.

The Sun Line

Sun Line

First, we analyze properties of the sun to know your birth chart mapping. Sun is the star of:

·         Ego, self, identity.

·         If the line shows underneath yourself then you are confident and comfortable with your inner self.

The Moon Line

Now, come towards the Moon. Moon is the planet of:

·         Subconscious, emotions and characters.

·         Beneath this line you may feel yourself nurturing, emotional and vulnerable with your decisions.

Mercury Line

Mercury is the sign of:

·         Intellectuality and communication

·         You can be communicating more when you are beneath the mercury line.

·         You can be impressive in presentations and conversation with others if your birth chart shows you under the mercury line.

Venus Line

Venus Line

Venus is the star of love. So, you can find:

·         Love and beauty precautions.

·         The Venus line represents that you can find your love and how your relationship is going when you are under Venus line.

Saturn Line

Saturn is the star of challenges you will find:

·         Challenges and hard working.

·         When your birth chart locates you following this line it means you are feeling tiresome with hard work.

·         It further develops discipline in your life though.

Uranus Line

Uranus is a sign of change. You will find

·         Revolt and somehow distraction.

·         Beneath Uranus line you will feel a revolting inner side that moves you toward changes.

·         It sometimes causes scatter as your mind focuses on new things.

Pluto Line

·         Pluto represents transformation of your personality. It causes:

·         Reformation of the personality.

·         If your birth chart represents you under its line than you may feel regimes in your personality.

·         It also suggests a long-lasting growth in yourself.

Neptune Line

Neptune is the star of spirituality. It causes:

·         Dreamy and mystical sense inside.

·         You can find yourself more spiritual when your birth chart shows under the Neptune line.

·         It however, also causes misunderstanding so you have to be careful that period of time.

Chiron Line

Chiron Line

Chiron is the star of healing. Its features are:

·         Healing bodies and souls.

·         When your birth chart represents you within its line then your body or soul is going to be healed.

·         You will also find yourself to heal others with the effects of Chiron.

South/North node line

South node line is the representative of following into past and north node is the star of your destiny. You will feel yourself:

·         More motivated towards destiny when your birth chart represents you following this line.

·         However, it also shows that you stay in your past if following the South node.

Here, we have discussed all the planets with respect to their characteristics. Now it will be very easy to read your astrology specially who seeks where should I live astrology free.  You just would have to understand the ascendant and descendant of the lines on the websites after creating your profile.

It is Astro click travel that made it easy for the general people to study their birth charts and make plans accordingly. Though, it is your responsibility to also use your brain for making severe decisions in your life because sometimes you can achieve something that doesn’t seem easy just with your hard work. So, keep trying and have faith in your capabilities. God will open ways towards your destination.

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