Picrew is an image maker platform where you can create an image maker with your own illustrations and play with the image maker you created.

Picrew is a maker app that allows you to create cool pictures and animations with just a few clicks.

You can create your own image makers by drawing on your device, or choose from thousands of images available in the gallery.

How to Play with Picrew

In the new world, the image and character is the first thing to be created.

It is difficult to create a good image and character by oneself.

So, we want to help you make your own.

Creating an image and character by yourself is not easy.

You can create images and characters by combining your favourite items with an image maker created by creators.You can download the created image or show it to everyone on SNS and enjoy it.

Picrew is a character maker that allows you to create your own image maker with your own illustrations.

You can choose from a number of different characters, and then upload your own pictures.

With Picrew, you can create an original image maker just by registering images. You can even add text in many different languages!

The functions of Picrew

Play function

The world is full of imagination, and it is our job to make it.

You can combine various parts to create your own images and characters.

Image makers include Kisekae Maker and Random Maker.With Kisekae Maker, you can create your favourite image by selecting the parts yourself.Random Maker creates images by relying on luck! You can play with Uranai, etc.

Create function

Picrew is an image maker that allows you to make your own images easily.

Have you ever thought that you have an idea but can’t create it because you can’t programit?Picrew allows you to create your own image maker just by registering images. For details, please see “Let’s make an image maker” and “Creator function list”.

Picrew Function list

  • Add color
  • Edit image maker information
  • Sort parts
  • Image maker release/public setting
  • Item icon image upload
  • Parts rule
  • Item rule
  • Color palette
  •  Item image upload
  • Add and set items
  • Add layer
  • Layer sorting
  • Parts setting
  • Add parts
  • New registration of image maker

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