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After COVID 19, the tourism industry has seen sluggishness. However, tourists can’t help traveling. So don’t worry, the luxury travel advisor job has not disappeared. You can become a luxury travel advisor. How you can reach this level we have discussed in this article. Analysis of the salary and qualifications required for this profession has also provided.

Average Salary for Luxury Travel Advisor

Future luxury travel advisors, if you want to select this profession you can check the average salaries of the travel advisor in different regions.

In the UK, a luxury travel advisor can earn up to Euro 21,000. The yearly income of the travel advisor in the USA reaches to 48,872 dollars on average. In the UAE, the average salary of a luxury travel agent on average can earn 66,000 AED. Whereas a luxury travel advisor salary in South Africa can earn an average of 135, 943 Rand. Basic salary may range from R21k – R259k apart from the bonus.

Qualification of Travel advisor agent

For reaching the designation of a travel advisor, professional agencies require Level II or Level III certifications. Whereas, there is no standard degree or training required to become a luxury travel. Further you should be known of the places immensely and you should be an extrovert to talk to your client and make their journey hay with your discussion.

Above given information about salaries of luxury travel advisors shows ideal luxury travel advisor salary. Moreover, luxury travel advisor qualification has also been mentioned. You just don’t worry if you cannot get this post through your qualification. You can maintain a luxury travel advisor job description as a freelancer and can make clients from your own circle. Surely, it will pay you more than a luxury travel advisor salary in South Africa or in the USA.

Take example of famous luxury travel advisor Lila Fox. She just started making blogs of her own and used social media for marketing. Else she worked hard with her ongoing job and attained a designation of luxury travel advisor. Following are the guidelines with which you can set your directions towards a travel advisor.

Think twice if you feel interested in Travel Advisor Job

If you want to become a travel advisor then you should think about it again and again. Ask following questions for selecting this designation:

·         Do you really need to become a Travel Advisor agent?

·         Do you feel like traveling to various destinations?

·         Can you manage travelling with your ongoing job?

·         Can you manage travelling along your job?

·         Don’t you feel tired after enjoying the holiday?

Do you feel training needs to become a travel advisor?

If you want to become travel advisor agent then you should also analyze yourself for the following characteristics:

·         As the travel advisor you should know the places inside and out immensely.

·         You should think about how you can grab the attention of the people and gain their trust.

·         You should be aware of the clients’ culture so that you can make them eat by their native cousins.

·         You should know about generating clients from different resources.

·         For generating clientele, you would have to understand the urgency of being social.

Select if you would like to join an agency or not?

To become a travel agent, you would have to analyze what sources you should use to become a travel advisor agent. You also have to think that whether you should join a team means agency or not. In this regard select from these options:

1. Join an agency

Option one is you can join an agency to work with it. They can give you a handsome salary. So select an agency when:

·         You have opportunities from the renown companies such as Marriott International Stars or VIP Travels.

·         You are given a handsome salary along with the bonus.

·         You cannot generate clients on your own.

·         You do not have digital social presence or you are unaware of generating clients from digital media.

2. Work on commission

Second option that you can select is commission based. Select this option when:

·         You do not want to join a company for some reasons.

·         When you think you are social and can make clients from your family and friend circle.

·         You can create clients using conventional and digital marketing channels.

·         You think yourself social.

3. Work as a freelancer

Option number three is to work as a freelancer and create your own name. This option requires more hard work but it has the biggest opportunity as well. So, select this option when:

·         You think you are a social and extrovert person.

·         You have enough courage to generate clientele on your own.

·         You want to create your own business ahead starting with your own.

·         You are aware of all channels of creating customers in the travel advisor industry.


In the tourism industry, Luxury travel advisors have opportunities to grow. You can also select this profession if you have certain skills. You can take suggestions from this article to reach towards your desirable designation of travel advisor agent. This article will surely help you out to opt for the sources with which you can attain your goal.

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