25 March, 2023

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When he became a locker room leader in the WWE, Seth Rollins was unaware of it

Seth Rollins

The WWE has a long-standing practise of having a locker room captain. The people who have held the top spot on the card for an extended period of time and have experienced the rookie phase themselves often get the title. One such athlete who, without even realising it, has evolved into one of the leaders of the present locker room is Seth Rollins.

The Visionary discussed the adjustment to his behind-the-scenes position on After The Bell. Rollins described a recent discussion he had with William Regal:

“I was sitting there and asking him when I was having this talk with William Regal at catering yesterday or a few days ago. Well, I don’t know when this occurred for you, I’m just sort of like. I’m not sure if you recall, but it just sort of made me laugh a little. I’m not sure when I really changed into the man providing counsel while seated on the other side of the curtain. I’m not sure when that occurred. I just remember being the person coming back, being like, ‘Mr. Cena, excuse me. What do you have for me? I’m not sure.

That seems to have taken place only lately. I just recently became aware of it after watching these programmes since no one was seated there. Well, if I’m right behind the curtain as opposed to being far away in the talent screening area, I can hear the audience so much better. So I simply sat behind the curtain and listened to the audience while watching the matches on the monitor. People suddenly start returning and asking, “What did you think? Do you have any random thoughts? “Well, you’re talking to me?” I think to myself. Well, I see. I’m good. I do have a few ideas. Please be patient.”

Seth Rollins, “I’m Not That Old Man”

Seth Rollins said that he is unsure of the exact date when this alteration took place. The 36-year-old recalled his youth as a student of wrestlers like John Cena, Kane, and Randy Orton. When he initially made his debut in November 2012, he was younger than these legends are now:

But I’m not sure when that occurred. I have no idea how that occurred. I’m conversing with someone. I can’t recall who it was, but someone on the roster who is much older than I am was mentioned the other day. I utter “Ah,” My mind was melting at how much older I am now than when John Cena was in the lead with some of these other men. when I entered. I began working with John at that time. John was younger than I am now. I can’t really fully comprehend it in my head, I guess. I say, “Well, hold on a second. I’m not like that, so no, no.

John was the senior citizen. At that time, John was like the seasoned veteran. Daniel Bryan, John, Randy, Kane, and CM Punk. These people were operating at a higher level than I did when I first arrived. I respond, “No, I’m not. I’m not that elderly man. The gruff old man calling out, “Hey, youngster, come here,” Yet I am. I have no idea when in the world that occurred. eventually along the road. I’m the one who now stands there and waves her finger at every individual that enters. God be with me.


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