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Anger is a natural process. Everyone can get angry at different places and situations. But being angry all the time or most of the time is not ok. Anger is very harmful and dangerous for your physical and mental health. It leads you to other serious mental health problems like depression, stress, anxiety, etc. Anger is not good for anyone. There are different causes of anger like sometimes someone is very hungry and he didn’t get a meal of his choice, he gets angry. There are so many other reasons and causes of anger. So whenever you get angry, your first priority should be to calm yourself otherwise you’ll do something that you don’t want to do. You will make wrong decisions when you are angry. 

You can harm yourself and others around you. You may have to face a big loss in anger. Because when you are angry, you are not in your senses so due to this you make the wrong things and decisions so that is why it should be your priority that you have to control your anger and make yourself cool and calm. There are so many ways and methods by which you can control your anger. So if you are an angry bird, then do read this article carefully. We are going to tell you about different authentic ways to control anger and to calm yourself. 

Take a deep and long Breathe:

Taking a deep and long breath is the best way of controlling anger. Because in this process when you exhale during breathing you are actually exhaling stress and depression with carbon dioxide. It is the simplest and easiest way of controlling anger. Whenever you are angry try this method and by taking 3 to 4 deep and long breaths, you will see that you have controlled your anger and you will feel cool and calm and better than before. In case of a serious issue you should visit Psychiatrist near me for anxiety and depression.

Go Walk Around:

Walking around means that when you are angry and you are sitting in a company or a gathering, go away from there. It is because if you get angry because of them then avoid them. When you leave that place you will not get more angry. 

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Think Before You Speak:

Thinking before speaking is a good habit. By this you can avoid getting angry. Because when you will think before speaking, then you will not speak about something vulnerable or wrong and a listening person will like it and it will not say anything in revenge and you will not get angry. Or the second case is that when you are angry, in this situation you also have to think before speaking because you will not get more angry if you will think. 

Relax Your Muscles:

Relaxing your muscles is also a good way of controlling your anger. You can do exercise, you can do Yoga, you can do jogging and running, etc. By these means you can relax your muscles and when your muscles are relaxed, your anger will be reduced. In this way you can also control your anger. 

Stop Talking:

When you are angry, stop talking like this so you will not get more angry. Stop talking is also a good way of controlling anger. So try to stop talking whenever you are angry. 

Manage Your Thoughts:

Sometimes different negative or wrong thoughts are coming to your mind due to which you are getting angry. So in this situation manage your thoughts. Divert your mind to positivity and right things. like this way you will be successful in controlling your anger. 

Change the Topic:

Change the topic on which you are getting angry. Like if you are arguing with someone or someone other is a cause of your anger then stop talking on that topics and switch to the other topic. Changing of topic is also a good way to control and reduce anger. 

Divert your focus to something else:

Divert your focus to something else from that on which you are getting angry. When you will divert your focus, you will be successful in controlling your anger. 

Laugh and try to smile:

Laughing and smiling is also the best way of controlling and reducing anger. When you are angry, go to your furry friends and sit with them. They will make you laugh and smile. Find reasons to smile. Sit with your family, children and loved ones. In this way you will control your anger. 


Depression Counseling Cleveland is a good way of controlling anger. When you are angry or you stay angry most of the time, in this situation you need to go to a counselor who will help you to reduce and control your anger. Counselor will help you to learn more ways of controlling and reducing anger. 


All the above mentioned ways are the best one and authentic. Whenever you are angry try these methods you will control your anger and also reduce it. 

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