Jessica gadsden

Jessica Gadsden is an American fitness coach, gym consultant and personal trainer. She is the wife of radio presenter, television personality and author Lenard Larry McKelvey better known by his professional name Charlamagne tha God. A native of South Carolina, she has known Charlamagne since they were both in high school. At some point, they began dating. The relationship has survived much turmoil including mutual infidelity; they have two daughters together. In 2014 the couple exchanged wedding vows with their daughters as witnesses. In school Gadsden was an exemplary student and went on to earn three degrees: a BA in journalism and mass communication, an MBA and a BS in biology. She has worked at several athletic clubs and gyms including New York Blood Services, East Shore Athletic Club and Core Fire Pilates. She currently owns her own gym.”

The early life of Jessica gadsden

Jessica Gadsden was born on November 29, 1981, in the US state of South Carolina. Little else is known about her family and upbringing. She met Charlamagne Tha God when they were both high-school students, and the two began dating soon after.

Charlamagne Tha God Says He and Wife Jessica Gadsden Do Not Have a Prenup

 Charlamagne Tha God’s wife, Jessica Gadsden, has been with him through thick and thin. She has been with him since they were in high school together in South Carolina, and the couple married in 2014. Together they have three daughters.

  Over the course of their relationship, co-host of “The Breakfast Club 105.1 FM” Lenard McKelvey has amassed a large sum of wealth and has received numerous opportunities in the media. All of which Charlamagne has said Jessica helped him obtain. As a result, when they decided to wed, the frequently controversial host did not feel the need to protect his assets or limit what Jessica would have access to through a prenuptial agreement—which he revealed during an interview circulating social media: “I don’t have a prenup with my wife because we been together for 23 years. My wife is the CEO of our house but also we literally came up together as kids…like nothing is an understatement. She literally drove me to the radio station in 1999 to fill out internship papers.”

 He continued, “When I was getting fired from the radio four times, she was the one working every day, paying the bills; when we were getting evicted, she was the one going to court explaining to a judge why we couldn’t be evicted. What do I look like doing a prenup? We’re never getting a divorce. By the way, marriage isn’t happening either—not happening—by the way. It ain’t happening!” For years, the radio host-turned author has openly discussed parts of his and Jessica’s relationship on-air. He even revealed that marriage only became a considerable option when their then 7-year old daughter questioned why Jessica’s last name didn’t match hers and Charlamagne’s.

  In a recent episode of his syndicated morning radio show, Charlamagne That God spoke about the importance of showing love to your children. He said that when you have children and they ask why you and your wife don’t have the same last name, it affects you as a man. The relationship hasn’t been without faults — Charlamagne has also been outspoken about his transgressions within the relationship — or scandal linked to rape accusations that Jessica publicly addressed in defense of the father of her children. Still, those who appreciate his take on fully sharing his wealth with his wife expressed those sentiments in commentary on social media.”He’s matured so much and you gotta respect him for that [100 emoji]” wrote one person in reaction.”Sis been with him when he ain’t have s—t! So he holding down his WIFE!”, added another comment. “Black love [red heart emoji]” we love to see it!”, concluded yet another.”

 Sexual assault allegations

  In 2018, Charlamagne Tha God admitted that the sexual encounter he had with Gadsden in 2017 could be considered rape. They had been dating for a year but had not yet been sexually intimate. On one Saturday night, they were spending time together at his mother’s house and she became highly intoxicated. He subsequently initiated the encounter, and she apparently responded in kind. However, he has since come to realise that she was in no condition to give her consent. When he asked her if he had raped that time, she reportedly said “I mean sure in hindsight yeah.” Later on, Gadsden offered a different opinion on the matter: She stated that this conversation they were having involved rape culture and the fact that he felt it was alright to have sex with her despite her intoxication. According to her, this is part of rape culture and not rape; she also told him that he should not have used the word “rape” as it made her hesitant to answer him.

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