Rusty Sandra S. Rose, who was raised in the South in Florida’s “Sunshine State,” was born in Missouri.

She joined the Women’s Army Corps after finishing high school, where she received helpful instruction in management, finances, and self-discipline. She learned the value of substantial, in-depth research from her assignments. She came home to further her education and began a successful 30 year career as an executive writer and professional grant writer after deciding against a 20-year military career.

After spending 55 years in the workforce overall, she decided to retire, giving her the chance to pursue her passion for writing for fun. Sandra strives to use her vivid imagination to create works that readers of all ages will like since she has a strong love for God, Family, and Country. She hopes to publish more works in the future, including fiction and nonfiction projects.

Sandra Rose Editions

  • FLIGHT 907
  • Funding Your Nonprofit

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