Adin Ross, a Twitch broadcaster and social media personality with six million followers on the network, is likely recognizable to NBA 2K gamers. He’s well-known for his sense of humor, 2K ads, and involvement in various minor social media scandals.

Even the most ardent followers of the gamer may be unaware that his sister, Naomi Ross, is also a member of the streaming scene. They really started their start together, coming to prominence while broadcasting NBA 2K.

From then, each grew a small but considerable number of followers — and although Adin has risen to prominence as a result of several high-profile Twitch moments, Naomi is enjoying her own chance to shine.

Scroll down for a full overview of the Ross siblings’ climb to online popularity — and to hear about Naomi’s high-profile romance with streamer Zias.

Who Is Adin Ross’s Sibling?

While her brother has a larger following, Naomi is far from unknown. She’s been streaming with Adin since the beginning, and she’s still going strong.

Streaming is in the blood

Naomi and Adin got their start on Twitch while growing up in Florida, broadcasting their family’s NBA 2K games.

While Adin’s career took off, Naomi discreetly grew her own audience on Twitch and Instagram. Her Instagram account, @naomzies, has over 100,000 followers and is rapidly approaching her brother’s 3.5 million followers.

Naomi has starred in some of Adin’s prank movies on YouTube and has produced reaction vlogs with Adin on her own YouTube channel over the previous few years.

Although Naomi’s age has not been proven, Adin refers to her as his elder sister. (The well-known streamer was born in the year 2000.)

Naomi just launched an OnlyFans account to showcase exclusive material in addition to her profiles on Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube. While her content is exclusively accessible to users willing to pay $15,000 each month, teasers indicate that her OnlyFans articles are intended for adults only.

Adin really made a video on his YouTube channel in response to Naomi joining OnlyFans. Adin makes it obvious in the video that he isn’t interested in hearing about what she publishes and doesn’t want his supporters discussing it on his streams.

Naomi Ross’s Moment in the Sun

Adin has been embroiled in his fair share of gaming issues, but his sister has largely avoided the spotlight – until lately.

Adin became a member of the Clout Gang 2.0 collective in 2021, moving into the Wizza House with FaZe Banks, Mike Majlak, Sommer Ray, and RiceGum. The home was supposed to be a gathering spot for streamers to generate content, but the group was overshadowed by concerns concerning gambling and cryptocurrency.

When Naomi dropped by the home and supposedly got intimate with former footballer and streamer Zias, things became sticky for Adin.

Adin even went on Instagram Live and claimed to have discovered Naomi and Zias enjoying a private moment — and he was not happy. He had harsh words for both of them, suggesting their flirting had gone too far.

As it turned out, he was outraged over something entirely fictitious. Later that night, it was discovered that their intimate encounter was a joke played on Adin by Naomi and Zias. Consider the mission complete.

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Was Naomi really flirting with Zias, or was it all a ruse? The evidence suggests the latter. Naomi may be hesitant to trick her brother again after seeing Adin’s response.

Adin Ross: Who Is He?

Naomi has her own platform, but Adin’s light is blazing a little brighter right now as he transitions from a small-time player to a well-known figure.

Superstar to Family Streamer

While Adin and Naomi Ross made their start broadcasting NBA 2K together, Adin is also renowned for wagering significant sums of money on his Grand Theft Auto games.

He streams most evenings and is notable for his boisterous demeanour and witty sense of humour. Adin’s charm stems from his ability to make his supporters feel like he’s a friend, not just an internet celebrity. Adin’s videos were rather famous among the 2K community after a time, and he began gaining high-profile friends through his Twitch streams and YouTube account.

Bronny James, LeBron James’ eldest son, was one of those connections. Adin and Bronny began gaming together in 2020 and quickly grew a viral following by wagering large sums of money on 2K broadcasts.

In fact, LeBron interrupted one of their streams, allowing Adin the opportunity to express how much the basketball great meant to him and expose how much of a fan he is. Adin was completely awestruck, and the event quickly went viral on Twitter.

Adin is particularly well-known for streaming with rappers such as Tee Grizzley, since he regards collaborations with rappers as a mutually beneficial chance for self-promotion.

Adin began hosting “e-dates” in which he oversaw a series of dates between Discord users while filming these gaming videos, marking his first genuine foray into broadcasting outside of the video game bubble. Adin’s popularity skyrocketed as a result of the endeavour.

Adin’s Campaign to Restore 2k Fun

Adin is arguably most known for a hashtag he created in 2020 after deciding that the NBA 2K game had grown monotonous and dull. “#Make2kFunAgain” was the most trending hashtag on Twitter that day.

Many more broadcasters joined Adin’s campaign, supporting his remark and pushing NBA 2K game developers to restore some pleasure back to the popular game.

Bots, Bans, and Disputes

Adin’s work has sparked a few problems since he first came to public attention a decade ago. Adin is both the initiator and the victim at times.

On April 4, 2021, his account was struck by a Twitch bot follow, which increased his account’s followers to 3 million.

In 2021, he was briefly banned from Twitch when Zias (the same man from Naomi’s prank) shouted a homophobic slur during one of Adin’s streams. He was able to reclaim his account after speaking with Twitch, but it has been disabled on and off since then. Because Twitch has a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech, people who have been detected will find it difficult to return to the network.

Adin has stated in tweets that he intends to broaden his following outside the gaming community in 2022. Adin has already begun to acquire momentum in the rap and hip hop industry with more humorous video content, and it appears that he will soon become a well-known character outside of his 2K feeds.

The Ross Family Remains Honest

Adin and Naomi are among of the most high-profile family gamers out there, whether they’re on a Livestream, pranking one other, or uploading beautiful sibling images on Instagram.

While Adin’s star appears to be rising, Naomi’s popularity and viewership on Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans may continue to expand.

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