Just like a lot of the property for sale in Dubai,City walk apartments for sale in Dubaiare the new rave. It seems like people from every corner of the world now want nothing else than having property of their own in this city of gold. Besides, great job interviews and fantastic shopping malls, what makes Dubai everyone’s dream destination is the shocking number of tourist spots.

Since Dubai has pledged to offer the best version of everything that already exists in the world and also everything that does not, it is hardly surprising that the aquarium in Dubai Mall is believed to be the world’s largest suspended aquarium. Although this aquarium is not as big as Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium and neither has the biggest front panel like China’s Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom, yet Dubai surprisingly manages really well to compile some great stats for its unique Aquarium. For starters, this Mall is present right at the heart of the greatest shopping mall. Secondly, it has the largest body volume of around 10 million liters.  Furthermore, there is a great acrylic front panel and has the widest TV screen!

If you are curious to find out more about this magical aquarium, read on!

It offers the greatest freebie

If you google the pictures of Dubai’s Aquarium, you would notice that they are taken from multiple floors. Due to the enormity of the aquarium, no matter what time you visit the mall, you can stand, stare and take pictures of the aquarium as long you wish. Absolutely, no one would come shovel elbow-jab, push or do anything else to ruin your musings.

The best time to wander and free pictures in the early morning on Friday, because the shops are not open till 10 in the morning. If you arrive here at around 8, you have a mall all by yourself for straight 2 hours. Although, you can still wander and visit after 10 am, be sure to somehow sneak out of it before 2 pm on Friday. Otherwise, be prepared to face the consequences of being stuck here.

Get the best vantage point

If you are done staring at the aquarium from every floor of the mall, we suggest you take a closer look. Sadly, this isn’t free, but we are sure that you would be nothing but pleased because that ticket would offer you to explore the Aquarium through the middle of the tank. Doing so would help you see all the aquarium’s inhabitants including sharks!

You read it right, you would literally watch sharks swimming away above you. For everyone visiting Dubai, seeing this Aquarium from beneath is truly fantastic and it is no less than having your nightmares and fantasies coming to life.

The tunnel has 33 meters in width and has an artificial reef forming a backdrop that have seen from the outside. This vantage gives you the full experience of the tunnel from underneath and from inside. Seeing from the outside also does not allow you to sharks and tiny critters that oftentimes congregate towards the side and down low. Moreover, you have a great chance to buy Instagram followers Malaysiaz.

Get the ticket of Walkthrough and enjoy Underwater Zoo

The best part is yet to come access  This ticket that you bought via the walkthrough allows you to get access to Underwater Zoo too!

For those who have never heard about Dubai’s famous Underwater Zoo, it is basically this fantasy land where you would find, otters, turtles, penguins, and a great range of unique species occupying the space!

Swim like and with fish!

While you are taking the zoo tour, having fun in a tunnel, or enjoying the view from outside, what would shock you more than swimming sharks are actual human beings in the aquarium!

Although some swimmers are the aquarium’s employees who are tasked to do their routine job and feed the animals, most of the scuba divers are tourists. If you are concerned about sharks, then you would be glad to know that not every shark is aggressive especially not the inhabitants of this tank.

You also do not even have to worry if you do not have any prior scuba experience because, Dubai offers you a “learn to dive” package, which covers pretty thorough training for beginners and experts alike.

Apart from Dubai Aquarium, there are lots of enchanting places in the city, so make your life magical and rent one of the property for rent in Dubai.

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