25 March, 2023

Why you use Staples Business Card?

Staples Business Card

Whenever it comes to empower the presence of a business you always think about developing a theme for your marketing. This theme makes you convert your banners, business cards, labels, name tags, brochures into beautiful designs.

Business cards are often used to show a business person’s visibility in the industry. A business card should be a combination of these 5 main elements:

  1. Employee’s name
  2. Company name
  3. Employee’s contact number
  4. Company’s logo
  5. Theme and color combination of the business

Staples for best business cards printing

For designing a perfect theme of business card and adorable template designs you can choose Staples Business Cards. You will also find other companies providing business card services. You can easily design a business card for your business using services of Vista print and Sprint.

However, business cards you printed with Staples is anyway better than other business card services. How? Let’s have a look on Staples services, differentiation, and what hurdles you can face when you make business cards with Staples.

Services offered by Staples

Staples Business Card

Staples Print & Marketing Services is renowned for its multiple service offerings. Highlighted are:

  • Name tags
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Calendars and
  • Banners

Staples business card services are different from other companies because you can get your cards printed on the same day. So, it has domination for delivering printed business cards so fast other than any printing services.

The professional shape of Staples Business cards

You are going to have a professional shape from the Staples because it does not print business cards having square shape or even with the curved edges as other printing business service providers offer to the clients, for being unique.

Benefits of using staples business cards

What exactly comes in your mind when you select a business card for your business

  1. Colors
  2. Quality
  3. Color

Let’s first discuss color of the Staples business card. You will find following features in the colors of an attractive business card made by Staples business cards.

  • Staples business card provides number of color option and you may also upload yourself.
  • It makes your business card color richer and also gives a reflection on your card as er your requirement.
  •  You will not find any color variance between your selection and the printed cards.
  • You will find gradient option for the color combination of your business card.
  • Unavoidable Quality

Now, come towards desirable quality for your business card when you make it with Stales Business Card services.

  • You can get easy customization for the text according to your desirable theme of business card.
  • Paper quality is what you are looking for a business card. It is so smoother.
  • It gives a professional look with the finishing of paper of your business card.

What is the unique selling proposition of Staples?

You will find two very important factors for what you should consider staples business cards.

  1. Staples provides mail services to the client and even if your order detail completes at 3 noon you can receive from the store at the same day.
  2. Staples is offering premium prices to its customers. One can get 250 cards against $9.99 and for 500 business cards you just have to pay $14.99.


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Make your own design of business card with Staples

It is easy to customize your logo, designs, and theme of the business card according to your choice with Stales Business Card. You can convert file formats into GIF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF form using a selection of the latter. You will find amazing options for sending your designs using your laptop or cloud storage such as Google Drive or OneDrive cloud storage. 

Options available for different kind of businesses for business cards

There are different amazingly designed templates available for the several kinds of businesses at Staples business card. Either it’s a departmental store or it’s a manufacturing firm, either it’s a farming business or it’s a about franchising you have availability of designing an attractive card at Staples business card.

What competitors of Staples are offering?

Now, have a look at competitors of Staples. It will reveal how well Staples is doing better than its competitors.


  • When we talk about prices of the Staples and its competitors then we come to analyze that Staples is the only business card service provider offering quality services with the least cost.
  • Staples offers 250 cards for $49.99. Whereas, Got print is charging $8.30 for 100 business cards. For only 50 cards Sprint is charging $8. 06. Well, quality difference can easily be seen!


  • It is convenient for a business card designer to select from adorable animal icons for your business card. Customers can also fetch the picture from their cloud storage or simply drag and drop from the Internet Explorer. However, you cannot use a QR code generator with Staples as Vistaprint offers to its clients.
  • It is convenient to design a business card using Staples business card services. Its designer tool enables a user to easily line up the text and image of a business card. However, it is very difficult to manage with PSPrint. You cannot easily adjust the image and text using designing tools of the PSPrint.

So, here Staples business cards characteristics are better than its competitors.

Designing with Staples Business Card

Designing with Staples Business Card

You will find amazing designing options on the Staples designing site. It includes text, image, icon, and adorable color choices. You can select anything to beautify your Staples business card. It’s also amazing to adjust images and icons with its dragging tool but it’s very interesting that the site warns about the exploited area if you bring images to the useless part.

Better Business Card Option

Here, we have summarized all the features of Staples Business Card above. So, a business can find a suitable option for designing a business card with Staples because of the quality as well as premium options for designing the business card. Moreover, one can find all of the printing verities at one lace for the purpose of marketing. A business can design its name tag, labels, brochure, and other printing stuff with Staples Printing & Marketing.



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We Help People Make Money To Be King
We Help People Make Money To Be King
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